Foggy Road

The road is so foggy, the road is foggy, it’s so foggy, the road… fog all over… foggy road. Ref: Burning Spear – Rocking Time – Studio One – SOL 1123 – 1974 02/11/2021 09:06 GMT+1

After The Fire

The structure had been scheduled for demolition for quite some time and then there was a rather large incendiary event/fire. The rest of the surrounding buildings have been left to become more or less derelict by the owner; apart from the former head office of XXX and a culture institution called: Färgfabriken. It is housed… Continue reading After The Fire

Not On The Wall XXII

JOHN BULL REPAIR OUTFIT MADE FOR THE MAN WHO WILL GET THE BEST JOHN BULL RUBBER CO. LTD EVINGTON VALLEY MILLS, LEICESTER RIDE JOHN BULL TYRES and you will have practically no use of this Outfit! MADE IN ENGLAND INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPAIRING PUNCTURES — Locate puncture, marking position with indelible pencil by drawing two lines… Continue reading Not On The Wall XXII

Bike With Labels

Now a days she’s all covered in stickers/labels. Fig 01. Fig 02. Fig 03. Fig 04. Fig 05. Fig 06. Fig 07. Fig 08. Fig 09. Fig 10. Fig 11. Fig 12. Fig 01. Hymen Records Fig 02. Merck Fig 03. White Noise Fig 04. Ant-Zen Fig 05. Asymmetric Fig 06. Combination Fig 07. Dark… Continue reading Bike With Labels