Is That?

…a portrait of you? – No. That is a portrait of Malcolm X. – I’m humbled and I choose to take it as a compliment. However, I could as simply choose otherwise… but since it is brother Malcolm… – Maybe, I should have known that? – Yes, maybe you should’ve actually known who the man… Continue reading Is That?

Ni Ska Hitta Stör

– Uppdraget är att läsa kartan och hitta Stör i terrängen – i deras bandvagn; Hägglunds BV 206 (den bästa i Världen) med masten uppe eller inte. – Får jag fråga varför? – Nej, det får du inte men vi måste ju veta vart vi är eller hur? – “Utan samband ingen seger“? Ok. Så,… Continue reading Ni Ska Hitta Stör

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Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Good Luck with all of that. I am just saying what I have always been saying. This is what matters: Crushed. Period. (.). That is the culture. Bass culture. That’s 2 (two) bagged and in the bag for you and me. 2021 is going to be a stellar year! Like any other, trust me. –… Continue reading Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

It Is Spelled Experience

My grandmother lived to be 101 years old*. Bless her soul! She was a kind, warm and extremely funny (intelligent) person. At the end of her long life she told me and my little sister the most fantastic stories. You can guess if we were surprised when she recanted** the following story. Experience defined, dignified… Continue reading It Is Spelled Experience

Fingers In The Air

Har du någonsin haft fingrarna i luften? Någonsin? Vad?!!! = Have you ever had your fingers in the air? Ever? What?!!! Ja, men har du det eller (inte)? Bass Culture. Foreverness. Drum’n’Bass. When you are overwhelmed by emotion+ You are supposed to be “in control”, but you are from that and you feel free. You… Continue reading Fingers In The Air