Byte Size Life

In the early eve of 1970 my father used one configuration of an: IBM System/360 (feeding it the wrong numbers at one time…). I’m trying to find the specific machine. It must have been delivered after 1967 and before 1970, because it was operational in 1970, Paris. I’ve spent my entire life with computing machines… Continue reading Byte Size Life

I Need To Get Back There

‘DOMINE DIRIGE NOS’ – Lord, direct us. No comment. Ref.: Please see: “May” Someone Please Stop This Catastrophe?

The Last One

I have one pcs left of LEGO™ and it this square one. I used to have many, many pieces, now they’re all gone… they were all stolen from me. Twice.

The Toad

The Toad is one of Spiderman’s enemies. I don’t think this is the one though… It disappeared in tranquillity into the dark night…

Pretty Famous

I’m also pretty sure it is not the original painting and I’m reassured that they have adequate fire protection. Please see: I Want That Book!