I thought we were having a conversation? It’s nice to have a friend. * I haven’t seen it yet, but I will. Trust me. I really like the aesthetics… there’re so many, many references. She should probably have had darker hair or is there a character named Johnny/Harry in the plot? In this Megan story.… Continue reading M3GAN

It Was Made Out Of Glass?

I became really surprised; I was sure it (the bulb) was made out of plastic… it turned out to be made out of actual glass (super heated sand/silica stuff) and it shattered on the living room floor. Then broom-and-stick business followed… younglings and/or pets? Then the vacuum machine practice would be the next precautionary step…… Continue reading It Was Made Out Of Glass?

The Glow

Nxt gen. It is 04:23 CET +2. My next door (adolescent) neighbour… live by the screen, die by the screen. In-ear to go to sleep. No rest. 24/7 stimuli. “I sleep with sound and visual.” I believe there’s a reason why we sleep a third of our conscious life. The dreams and the pause. Halting… Continue reading The Glow

Childcare Or Rat-trap?

It used to be a “temporary” barrack childcare center, opposite an actual childcare building. This is was was left. Rat-traps four and some electric installation. Barracks and children are long gone…

Signs X

HÄR störtade JAS 39-Gripen under en flyguppvisning den 8 augusti 1993 Konstnär Thomas Qvarsebo Rest 1994 av Långholmen Hotell & Restaurang AB

Left Behind XXXVIII

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way? In the series…

Pole No. 25

It’s hard to understand what happened to catenary pole no. 25. Did someone fail stealing it? It is a green, old, quite tall, riveted really heavy steel construction with an equally heavy concrete foundation fixed to an overhead bridge in an orange strap… it just, really, really odd.

The Rest

This may be more parts (the cover not the wire) of the same engine, but after careful consideration I not as sure that it actually is an engine as I previously was… however I am sure it is an outboard engine cover. Please see: rinse.fm (scroll down ↓).