Never Seen One Functional

I have yet to see one that is not out-of-order… never seen one that is not broken/malfunctioning. Ever! The door was wide open and the sign read: UPPTAGEN/OCCUPIED. – But, did you TRYCK PÅ KNAPPEN/PRESS BUTTON? – Yes, I did. It was completely non-responsive. Nothing happened. Ref.: JCDecaux SVERIGE AB. Coincidentally the same company is… Continue reading Never Seen One Functional

It’s Just Wrong IV

The plaque is in the wrong place. Disrespect is uncivil and uncivil is barbaric and barbaric is the end of civilizational… it’s just another disgrace. Ref.: Lions Clubs International. I’m going to try to right was is not vertical (i.e. wrong). I may pull the whole lamppost and then I’ll get in trouble… infuriating thing… Continue reading It’s Just Wrong IV

Not On The Wall XXIV

No reception*? It’s Myrornas krig that would translate to Ants’ war or just simply static… Please see: Not On The Wall Series. * There’re no analogue transmissions in Sweden any more. The analogue radio and TV-transmissions were shut down some time ago.

Are You Recording?

What is mounted onto the shop windows? A window mystery… upper left corner. It looks like some sound recording device. What is it? I honestly don’t know. Security? A glass that large breaking? You would know. A recording device of some sort? Maybe… possibly.

Renegade HW

It is just another project. You may wonder: but is it functioning? Indeed it is. However, is it functional? I don’t know yet. I cracked it open. But I need a way to reboot the computa first! This is the inside of Apple… cracked open. Copper, insulation, a lot of glue and not that many… Continue reading Renegade HW

Front & Rear

I got no breaks at the moment: front or rear. I grip front and hang on the handle… still no breaks (or break rear don’t want a puncture). You need to ride differently… 25 meters or more to actually stop? Foot down? It is uneasy riding. I want to stop on a dime. Can it… Continue reading Front & Rear


The tallest I’ve ever seen… I thought that the other one was the tallest… then the bigger sibling stepped in. The tallest crane that I’ve ever seen. Not a tower crane, I will assemble my-self mobile crane; organised steel. Possibly “överdrifter”, on the other hand it could be for the 24 stories building being erected… Continue reading Tall[est]?

0% Breaks

I don’t like riding in freezing temperatures or with no breaks. It is uneasy riding. I can break full, standing and walk on by. With both break handles looked from front to rear. And there’s no difference at all. Breaking or not breaking. I don’t like it. And it is snowing… Sometimes It Snows In… Continue reading 0% Breaks

Simply Yu

As stated in the title; one of the fastest in the cité. Plain and simple. And yes, I will race you! Please see: Yu For Short.