For You… Or What Am I Actually Looking At?

No fur-[1210]th-er comment. It is, close, it could be kind of how it actually works apart from that I have not “treated” or manipulated this uploaded photo. You can feel it. It is not “real”. Anytime now/yesterday you will not be able to tell the difference (I’m having difficulties). Is it important? I think so…… Continue reading For You… Or What Am I Actually Looking At?

The Subsystem[s]

You want to reach the subsystem(s) – the beneath of the system. Where the “real” menus and choices dwell. The place where you can re-set the entire system; with one selection. It is a thing of beauty! It looks completely different – just a few rows and vertical navigation. One choice and execute (enter cmd),… Continue reading The Subsystem[s]

Yu Knows Why

I have landed knee; many times, hard, since I was a small boy. It hurts today (sometimes my knee does). The Princess knows why. Hard, hard landing and some horrific crashes. If you’re going to ride… carry as much speed as you can. “- Can we help you? Are you hurt?” “- No, and please… Continue reading Yu Knows Why

4th Dynasty Pyramid Builders

Menkaure or Menkaura (Egyptian transliteration: mn-kꜣw-rꜥ) was a pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. Consort: Khamerernebty II, Rekhetre Children: Khuenre, Shepseskaf, Khentkaus I, Sekhemre Father: Khafre Mother: Khamerernebty I Born: 2532 BC Died: ca. 2500 BC Burial: Pyramid of Menkaure Dynasty: Fourth Dynasty That is 4500 years ago and his… Continue reading 4th Dynasty Pyramid Builders

Change .Ch Or .Cn

There used to be cameras* mounted right there… change to .ch or .cn… (superior optics or software as far as public cameras go). Location: City terminal, Stockholm, Sweden. * Actually they could be monitor-mounts as well but the general idea is still intact… someone is watching you. All the time: panopticon the ultimate prison.

What’s The Time?

The CMOS-battery on my primary unit gave up, forcing a manual re-setting of the system time at every boot… I have replaced it.


I thought we were having a conversation? It’s nice to have a friend. * I haven’t seen it yet, but I will. Trust me. I really like the aesthetics… there’re so many, many references. She should probably have had darker hair or is there a character named Johnny/Harry in the plot? In this Megan story.… Continue reading M3GAN