Not On The Wall XX

Every item in these pictures were all: scavenged, recuperated, formerly disregarded and subsequently thrown away; in an other word trash. 3Com – 3CGSU5 – 3Com Gigabit Switch 5 D-link – DGS-1005D Plexgear – 4 Ports USB3.0 Hub Jabra – SOLEMATE MINI – HFS210 Urbanears – Eathernet cabeles (non-descript) I keep finding more of them and… Continue reading Not On The Wall XX

Not On The Wall XIX

It is yet another discarded artefact. A National Panasonic, Matsushita FM/AM Radio Cassette Recorder – RQ-544SD from the late 70’s or the early 80’s. It is fully functional* and looks brand new. Please see: Not On The Wall Series * Actually the cassette recorder motor seems to have seized. It is easily replaceable, I just… Continue reading Not On The Wall XIX


Someone completely unknown (a random person) asked me: Do you ride? Can I put this sticker on your bike? This was the sticker… Princess Yu or simply Princess.

Mission Impossible?

This [message] will self-destruct in 30 seconds. I left my bricked mobile device (an official software update made the device completely non-functional) unattended… this is the actual state that I found said device in. Exploded! The pictures don’t really make the utter failure (by design) suffered by the device full justice. It completely broke the… Continue reading Mission Impossible?

0% Front-break Adjusted

Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 1. This is what a worn pair of bike break-pads look like. It is metal-on-metal; two different kinds of metal though. Steel on Aluminium. One is harder than the other and the sound is emanating from metal-on-metal – it beats a bell any time and co-incidentally I don’t have… Continue reading 0% Front-break Adjusted