Not On The Wall XXIV

No reception*? It’s Myrornas krig that would translate to Ants’ war or just simply static… Please see: Not On The Wall Series. * There’re no analogue transmissions in Sweden any more. The analogue radio and TV-transmissions were shut down some time ago.

Are You Recording?

What is mounted onto the shop windows? A window mystery… upper left corner. It looks like some sound recording device. What is it? I honestly don’t know. Security? A glass that large breaking? You would know. A recording device of some sort? Maybe… possibly.

Renegade HW

It is just another project. You may wonder: but is it functioning? Indeed it is. However, is it functional? I don’t know yet. I cracked it open. But I need a way to reboot the computa first! This is the inside of Apple… cracked open. Copper, insulation, a lot of glue and not that many… Continue reading Renegade HW

Front & Rear

I got no breaks at the moment: front or rear. I grip front and hang on the handle… still no breaks (or break rear don’t want a puncture). You need to ride differently… 25 meters or more to actually stop? Foot down? It is uneasy riding. I want to stop on a dime. Can it… Continue reading Front & Rear


The tallest I’ve ever seen… I thought that the other one was the tallest… then the bigger sibling stepped in. The tallest crane that I’ve ever seen. Not a tower crane, I will assemble my-self mobile crane; organised steel. Possibly “överdrifter”, on the other hand it could be for the 24 stories building being erected… Continue reading Tall[est]?

0% Breaks

I don’t like riding in freezing temperatures or with no breaks. It is uneasy riding. I can break full, standing and walk on by. With both break handles looked from front to rear. And there’s no difference at all. Breaking or not breaking. I don’t like it. And it is snowing… Sometimes It Snows In… Continue reading 0% Breaks

Simply Yu

As stated in the title; one of the fastest in the cité. Plain and simple. And yes, I will race you! Please see: Yu For Short.

Yu In Red

Rear light fitted with fresh batteries; for visibility purposes. Please see: Yu For Short.