They’re back, I counted +10 just now, yet for a while they were no where to be found; now they have reappeared up there all around in the: CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2 saturated clear blue sky…

CO = Carbon Monoxide
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
SO2 = Sulphur Dioxide
NO2 = Nitrogen Dioxide

Earth’s Atmosphere Composition:
N = Nitrogen (78.1%)
O = Oxygen (20.9%)
Ar = Argon (0.93%)
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide (0.04%)
Misc. = Trace gases (0.03%)

Ref.: An image taken from a simulation called: A Year In The Life Of Earth’s CO2 made by scientists at: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office.

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