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The Little Black Bear + Niche

The little black bear – Pieni musta Karhu (my black steel steed) is waiting trustworthy; as always… just sitting there quietly in the dark – just parked outside (that would be my bike).

The little golden Puma – Pieni kultainen Puuma is missing most of its parts and is parked on the balcony at the moment (and winter is coming) and the third, hereto unnamed one is locked in an (at the moment) unattainable government storage facility.

Are there plans? Yes, indeed there are; little black bear is perfect (rear-breaks would not hurt anybody), golden? needs parts (many), unamned? Frame will be stripped downed to bear metal and then we will see.

The welding and fittings will decide? Yes, it will either get a clear-cote lacquer or it will be naturally (and unevenly) alu-oxidated depending on what is underneath the paint…

ID These Items Will You Be So Kind?

No, I’m not telling, other than that, both my father and another used it or similar device.

I do have more than one in my possession. Can I manually handle and command the item? I surely used to be able to… it was a long time ago.


I don’t know if it is relevant or not, however the company Piller is celebrating 100 years’ in business this year. And yes, they’re apparently still based in Osterode am Harz (never been) in northern Germany. And no, I don’t think the use these items in their daily enterprise.

History + Perspective Is Important

I went here; to Brunkensbergstorg, Malmskillnadsgatan, it is situated in the absolute center of Stockholm at Kulturhuset.

I was thinking, that when I was young – it was the most disregarded part of the entire city center. In all honesty an non-visitable place for more reasons than one.

And that things do change… now it is fashionable.

However, it has more than 700 year’s history, including a decapitation. The square is named after a knight named: Johan von Brunkow.

He was decapitated in 1318 and the square bares his name til’ this day.

Because “berg” translates to mountain in Swedish. But a mountain is actually a hill in a Swedish context. Mountain or hill? It is dependent of height right?

In all senses of the word it is a convention. I saw someone today stumble over a 2 cm (1″) obstacle. True? Yes. You or I could do it. A hill or berg is tall or not. “Brunkensbergstorg”. Much later on at least two areas: “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen” was namned after him.

What about it? “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen”?

“Huvudet” literally means head and “halsen”, literally means neck in Swedish. John was decapitated in 1318.

I realize once again that I need to split this text…