You Must Support!

Because, it is the only thing to do. We Are Viable. I can’t… express the emotions, so many sounds and to much history (not really, you can never have much history). Before, before, before… and 1990 seems like yesterday?! Uncle Dugs on the one only: Directing the thing like a crazed librarian. Would be… Continue reading You Must Support!

Total Annihilation

Usually, I don’t write about marketing, brands or advertising, however there’s a first for everything and this warrants an exception in my mind because this must surely be the World’s most destructive re-branding ever! A total and complete brand annihilation of the like I have never ever witnessed before. It is just (wrong)… unfathomable to… Continue reading Total Annihilation

Left Behind VII

What ever happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder… Please see: Left Behind Series.

Failure By Design

Q: Two of the items* are identical (material composition is slightly different). One of them was bought last week and the other two are at least 20 years old. Can you guess which one is which? The suspense is mounting! Do send your answer to: nfo AT and you will get a reply/A: (bonus… Continue reading Failure By Design

You Were Sleeping?

Yes, that is correct, I was… at 03:15! In the past tense resting in peace. Can you please leave me alone…

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Not On The Wall VIII

Yet an discarded artefact. It is pre-IoT (Internet of Things); a mechanical electric timer. It is in perfect working condition (tested). Please see: Not On The Wall.