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Fab & Groove on rinse.fm 23/04/2017?

For once I actually have no comment. I have nothing sensible to say/add.

If you like/or is a drum’n’bass (alt. dumn’n’bass) fanatic?

Then you really need to listen to this set. Because this is litterally unbelievable.

Decades ago from the basement. “Everyone” listens to electronics today?

Yet, few seem to understand bass?

“Prototype”? My Lord… “Renegade Hardware”? I guess I will just have to respect/accept that, but the loss?

Oh my!

“Renegade Hardware”? Closing shop? I can not believe that, really? Renegade? I am in tears now.

Fab & Groove. Modern day heroes. Pushing on!

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If You Can’t Ride? Just Don’t Or Make An Effort To Learn?

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So, any and every skill demands specific training/experience? And I do mean any and every skill.

Depending on what level that you are aspiring to reach. For example: I do not know anything about “Bingolotto” and I have never played the particular game.

Yet, I’m quite confident that there are many persons that are actually playing this specific game. That I have no knowledge of whatsoever.

Data. set. collection. sort. output.

However, just because you may or may not be an adult does not automatically mean that you can do something or anything for that matter, like riding a bike? I quite convinced that I am of age, but I don’t know the first thing about parachuting or downhill skiing? And I accept that. However, I do know how to ride a bike.

“Vad? Måste jag lära mig något också? Men kan jag inte bara köpa det? Jag VILL ha en fixed-geared cykel en sådan som jag har sett på film en sådan de har i NYC? Vad menar du? Det kan ta flera år att lära sig (gatorna är lite rakare och NY är lite plattare)? Vad då? Jag betalar ju?”

Not wearing a helmet does not mean that you are immortal and are entitled to break every traffic rule ever written. And, no you are not entitled to run over walking people (or any other people for that matter).

No, you are simply not allowed to do that! Scary and crazy shit I witnessed in the city.

What is going on in Stockholm right now? It is simply ridiculous! I almost got run over five times (5) in less than an hour visiting the inner city. Fixed-geared morons that just literally can not stop (please get another type of bike ot learn how to ride, you may want to consider one with the two extra wheels on the side) and then some…

It is so typical Stockholm. Fixed-geared? You better know what the hell you are doing or… I personally really don’t understand the point of that on the street. Oh, yes, I know that the messengers in NYC use them, BUT Stockholm is not NYC though and I do not see any messengers around. All I see are…

No breaks? Really? If you are looking for speed? Why not go to the velodrome (yes, there is an actual word for it and guess it is from France) with banking and short handle bars, then fixed-gear makes sense. Otherwise? On Folkungagatan? Seriously? Running the red light? No, I do not think so.

It is “men jag vill, jag ska bara göra ” classic moronic behaviour. You almost ran me over and that makes you a f**ing moron. No more, no less.

Have you ever never in your life considered that ”skill” could be a factor? That you may actually need some knowledge for example how to actually ride a bike? You know in real life? Riding a bike without killing other people or for that matter killing yourself?

Why are you riding a fixed-geared bike if you can not handle it? Honestly? I did let the traffic through, looking left and right and you still almost killed me? Always wanting to do “it”, never understanding “it”, destroying “it” and repeating “it”?

Why do you (yes anyone sitting on a fixed-geared bike without control) keep comparing Stockholm with London, New York, Tokyo or Paris? It is just ridiculous… “The Capital of Scandinavia”, Stockholm really?

I am an avid fan of bikes, that’s really not the question. Anything can become a weapon in the hands of a not so talented individual. Running a red-light and then get aggravated because you almost hit an pedestrian? Please, get a fu**ing grip of yourself and of your riding. You need a lot more control not only of your riding, but more importantly you need to respect yourself.

Honestly? You lot are an embarassment not only to the nation, but to riders. If that is not a personal concern? Then at least respect other people.

CPH, what else?

Ride with pride.

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Brilliant Tracks, Brilliant Design And A Brilliant Name!

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Excellent, brilliant electro, in the purist way and from a “known” source.

“Obergman” and the way it is put together?

Surely, it can’t be anyone other than Ola Bergman? The Swedish producer and graphic designer?

Probably, the correct order is the opposite. I suspect that he his actually a music producing graphic designer rather than the other way around.

I’m not entirely sure if you actually have to make that distinction or what that really means.

All I can say is that if the music sounds like it does what do you think the graphics look like? And vice versa…

I am really not the one to make wagers (no really, I’m not), I actually in principle never engage in any kind of wager. However, I’m 100% sure that O. Bergman has indeed designed the “Quantum Eraser” cover.

I don’t know the exact meaning of the title, but I can guess (I guess we all can?). The “Brilliant Name” is reference to? Apart from the title you mean? Yes. That would be the label name: “Brokntoys”? What? Come on, that’s simply a… brilliant name. The kind of name that will make you slightly jalouse, I mean jealous.

The whole thing is just excellent and if you ever needed an argument, explanation or answer to the question: how much electro is enough? It has been answered again.

Excellent, excellent magical and timeless stuff. Singing machines, machines that sing.

White Roses

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I guess that I could have bought them for my own enjoyment.

Actually I did, they are quite pretty and if you like flowers?

I guess, I like them too!

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Bass And The Ultimate Sound Boy Killer?

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I have seen speakers literally burn, once.

I’ve seen amplifiers failing, power cuts, fuses burn, turntables, numerous headphones and needles failing.

But, only once in my life have I ever seen speakers pouring smoke and dying.

Surely the set up was wrong to begin with. (It is basically impossible to set up any system like that, but it can be done.)

However, I have never ever seen anything like that before or after… It is not supposed to happen theoretically.

I did see it happen. Smoke and silence. A plume of smoke from the speakers and they all went dead silent.

It was (surprisingly) a very long time ago.

Actually there is another episode of bass exercise. It did not result in catastrophic failure, but it was really close. I could see and feel the floor boards move… again long time ago and another DJ.

Current affairs? DJ Youngsta pushing UK? And Plastician is… disturbing, all are things from London on rinse.fm. It is unfair, it has always been unfair. The ultra cool stuff the ultra ruff stuff! The London sounds. The direction is always forward, Swamp 81? Biznizz. It is a fast forward moving World.

Music beyond, as always.

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Unit Two Is Online!

May 13th, 2017 Comments off

Two laptops…

I switched the keyboards (US layout is impossible for me that is) and I switched the HD and they’re up and running after 30 mins?

Sure they are more or less identical… W510 and T510, still I mean, nevertheless I am really surprised.

I did not think (jinx) that just swapping keyboards and discs would ever work… not really (I have rebooted both several times and they are working).

I am as astounded as I’m happy.

Hardware? You need to be nice to the machines too…

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Unit One Is Broken?

May 12th, 2017 Comments off

You said what now? MERAK, that would be unit one in the command center is broken?

Unit one has suffered a hardware failure and is no longer fit for active duty. This is a sad day indeed.

And it will require a lot of work (as always). Among other things swapping keyboards, discs and… making it run.

However I am sure that ALKAID is up to the task and will take responsability.

Merde! Many (too many) hours are going to have to be spent to fix it.

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It Is Not A Catch Phrase

May 11th, 2017 Comments off

Anno domini is 2017 right? The trailing beats? That is typically US. Nevermind. My God. Europe vs. US. Hey, let’s all get along.

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Trans Europa Express

May 10th, 2017 Comments off

Plastician on DJ Youngsta’s rinse.fm spot 09/05/17?

Plastician is rippin’ it up (I would have written rinsin’, but that would have been quite silly and now it is…?).

Jokes aside, a terrific show, of course ”deep south” would bounce back, but there is so much more.

A hybrid is born (again!) it is from the US to begin with (or is it really?), but at the same time definitely and unmistakeably UK business.

Breaks born in the UK that returned home, slighty transformed and slowed downed by cough-syrup?

However, then again they all boarded the Trans Europa Express in the opposite direction?

Or, was that all a part of that ”Globalism” guy (surely a guy, upsetting that many people and behaving like that? It must be a guy, no?) everyone is talking about?

Nevermind, the upside is; I don’t have to ask anybody what to think about it (I never have done so in the past and I probably never will do so in the future, and it is a hugely successful strategy I might add…) and no one else should feel uneasy.

Because this is excellent bass music (I really do not like genres, so the one who cornered this “one”, may bask in all their glory)!

I can say that it is electronic bass music at its finest so would more could you ask for? I can hear a murmur (not mine though) it is ”soft”. Sure, the tempo is lower auto-magically making it ”warmer” but the bass is not lacking?

Hey, that’s a lot like those Americans? They do many things right (not knowing anything about that really, I have never set foot there. My father told me specifically to never go there) and we are heavily influenced by them in many ways?

It is not necessarily a bad thing (in all other senses it is extremely bad; “Agent Orange”. It is as bad as it was unavoidable, but let’s keep it music first) musically and culturally (within limits ; )).

Perspective: “I haven’t played this in a long time… taking it back to… 2015, I think, yes 2015”

Conclusion: That is a really nice track, simply lovely track! And the same can be said about the show: Plastician at rinse.fm.

PS. I just realised that a key figure or piece is missing. Yes, it would be the originator from Rotterdam… I was so happy to hear it that I forgot about the originator: Roel Funcken. He invented this style. That is: Rotterdam, Clone, DUB, and many others of course. Rotterdam? That would be the Dutch harbour, you know in Holland.

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Liberté – Égalité – Fraternité

May 9th, 2017 Comments off

So… we do no longer honour the difference between family, lovers and friends?

OK. Fine, I for one find that regrettable, but basically I just need to know.

I was under the impression or rather I was hoping that we were all about to become grown-ups? That’s it obviously not the case. I’m really sorry I missed that bit.

It is somewhat dependant on how the definition was formulated, that is. I do think that I have been pretty clear regarding that?

Well, well… what do I know? God’s speed!

The odd question still remains: Is my family, my loved one and my friends really the same thing and are the at all comparable in any sense? I would have to say no. That conclusion became easier, not so long ago.

The alternative would be? There is no difference what so ever? Is that the correct interpretation (and please do correct me if I am mistaken)? If that is indeed what is claimed? I think… No, that is not my position at all.

I could go so far as saying that it is an ridiculous claim and I for one will not change my position and for no one (living) person. I could never and I will never subscribe to the above.

How could it ever be the same thing? The family, lovers and friends? Equally important but dramatically different.

To begin with, a completely different time frame and the fact that they’re immensely complex social structures in themselves and belonging to completely different contexts.

Concrete examples? Grown-ups with or with-out siblings? History, current culture, upbringing (parental relations) and genus* (and that is not exclusive to the Western World or this millennium, mind you). Friends lost and found (finding the lost or finding them at all?). The lovers? I have no further comment on that particular subject.

Or do we all wake up on some random day and are radically transformed (sometimes I wish it could be like that, but I do not believe in “transformation” and I cannot see how I could ever do that)?

It is a rhetorical question: the simple answer is; no we do not. Is it gradual? “I would like to do this, but I have to this and I then I become this?” Or is it some mystical power from the deep realms of the “old” Universe that simply compels people to act in a specific way?

Mm, no, I honestly don’t think so. And I am pretty sure what I do believe and therefore my preferred explanation is altogether different.

Yes, that’s right! That is Jeanne d’Arc in a drawing from 1429…

* I thought it was complicated enough when it was binary… the hbtq + i (inter sexual?)? And then hbtq+i+geo or hbtq+i+geosoc or hbtq+i+geo+geosoc+wealth or hbtq+i+geo+geosoc+wealth-eyesight or hbtqigeosocwealth+weight… it is just that kind of thinking that ended extremely, and I do mean extremely badly the last time around.

Hey! I have an idea… Why can we not try, I mean just let us try and use this new and revolutionary concept: “All humans are equal”? And that everyone born has the same rights and responsibilities, simply by being human beings?

Yes, I’m aware that is a ridiculously radical idea and that “overdoing it” probably will not suffice and frankly it is just completely outrageous! I know… let’s go crazy, what about: “h”? It’s completely bonkers right? Why not try: “h”, you know like in human?

Joan of Arc in the protocol of the parliament of Paris (1429).
Drawing by Clément de Fauquembergue.

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