Two For One

All the way to Häggvik, I dedicate this one for you, woman and child. Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]. Special notion to the excellent, always fwd-pushing brokntoys label. Please see:

The second serving? Coming right up… right, the disused café/bar DJ. The who? The one replaced (misfortune) by a SpotifyTM playlist. Many, many hard-to-find records in the collection.

Helas, as it turns out, they’re not the hard ones to find. “Everything is on the Internet” is not true (yet). I personally own bits-and-bobs that has not been ripped yet if and when they do I will know. No, everything musical is not on the internet.

Now? We need an image to the title.
– Why don’t you just take another one?
– OK.
– Like anyone? Yes!