Never Again!

You will never request this track again! You will never ask anybody, no matter who it is, again. Ever! Do you understand me? You will never, ever ask, request, imply, suggest or in any other conceivable way hint or make any reference what so ever to this track. Ever again! You will never refer to… Continue reading Never Again!

The Doctor

Doc Scott. I’ve meet him. I’ve talked to him. Responsible. Music. UK impossibility. 31? London. Did you actually? Yes I did. Street Knowledge, Drumz 95^ and Shadow Boxing? What can I say? Today is the day. If you ever… believed and/or unconditionally leaned against the 10″ stack (I should have lost my hearing that night.… Continue reading The Doctor

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För att inte bli.. Slapp!

I can not describe it properly, the eternal love and appreciation that I’m feeling! The raw musical talent, the expertise, the cleverness, the humbleness that I feel, the gratitude to be able to call them my friends. I cannot express the deep, deep emotions and I will never be able to truly explain it all… Continue reading För att inte bli.. Slapp!