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The Unsung Heroins/Heroes Of The World

August 29th, 2020

  1. To many differnt…
  2. 2020 for sure. Helmet is hard. Stance is hard.
  3. Rember Support a free HK! I will not be going to the Republic any-time soon… always support free speech! You need to fight, it is your right!

I mean in the small studio all over the World. The most fantastic and amazing things are happening all the time. Where did Zzzzra go?

Geniality right there, E-dub on a level seldom surpassed. If ever? I would play it off the wall any day or night. And-If-Or? Yes, I misspelled the name and I did get upset… another story altogether.

And KMRU is from? All Internet or…

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