Remarkable Decision

A 124 year old company (name) vanished. The company logotype is hereby sort of saved for posterity, but it will be taken down sooner or later. Please see: Total Annihilation.

Books I

I’m just saying… Yes, it is a book store and next door is the best hat shop in town. The number is up and it is mine, but; I never actually been there. Too the book store that is…

The One Before Uncle Dugs

Uncle Dugs always gives shouts to the one and only: A Guy Called Gerald!!!? – So what? – That man legend, he is a true champion of the sound! Why would that be at all surprising? – It isn’t. That’s not it. It not the eclectic, uncompromising, and so many decades of experienced styles. –… Continue reading The One Before Uncle Dugs

Please Don’t II

We start bombing in 5 minutes. Clarification: it is a sample from an actual radio transmission during the Vietnam war. Something like; we’re pinned down! We need help now! What are we going to do? And the (actual) response was: (Don’t worry) we start bombing in 5 minutes (my guess? High alti) This our radio… Continue reading Please Don’t II

I Want That Book!

Söderbokhandeln. I want the thick artsy one. Go get a book! And next door is Hattbaren, @Götgatan 39, 116 21 Stockholm, fetch some new headgear alongside your book while your at it. Then you will look smart, simultaneously.

You Got Me Worried

It is Friday? I was looking (frantically) for the one and only Uncle Dugs’ set at and I could not find it? I got really worried. Found it though, so all is good now at: 01:32. Continuing the 92′ bizzniz. We’re going to play music today. No tears today just smiles. Just smiles today!… Continue reading You Got Me Worried