– Here, just take it!
– What?
– It is the 12″, it is that track. However, there are prerequisites. If I give you this record there are rules to adhere to.
– What?
– You will never ever EVER request this track again.
– Ever? From You?
– No. You will never ever request this track from anybody; ever again! If I give you this record. You have to promise to never ever request it again from anyone in the know Universe. You own the record and you can play it as many times as you see fit. But, you will never ever request it again. Are you listening to what I am saying to you right now?
– Yes. I am listening. It seems a bit harsh. So, in 25 years’ time, I can’t request Danny Breaks – Solar Jives – Droppin’ Science 15?
– Noooo! You are forbidden!!!!
– This a hard call… never?
– Just take the damn record! I can’t play it any more. It’s yours… please stop talking/requesting!
– If I want to hear it I know who owns it right? And you would not play it?
– I have solved the “problem”? No/Yes?
– Enough is enough!

Culture and it actually happened not one time but two times… A.Rother – Redlight district – Elektrolux ‎– e100000