– Ja va precis i innestan*?!
– Is that an actual Swedish word? Really?
– What?

I just heard myself saying these exact words: “Ja va i innestan.”
– So what?
Innestan* would possibly be; Inre staden, innan stan or innanför tullarna. It is SoSo perspective speak. I haven’t given that much thought until today… I can and do speak it and is solely due to geographic’s. Which is kind of strange. Or I just never thought about it in that way.

However, someone did ask me not long ago.

– You must be from the southern parts of Stockholm? I am from the southern part, but your dialect is extreme. I’ve never heard anything like it.

Vamenarumede? = Vad menar du med det? = What do you mean by that?

– And I realised just this minute, that I/we talk in a very distinct and fast way. And that possibly, it may be hard to understand at times… just now I realised that. Is that how I speak/talk?

– Jafattainteettodvvadusäjjejusnu.
– Jafattaintevadumena?
– Vasnackaduomnu?

I do actually speak exactly like that. It is very fast and for those who know… that is SoSo.

– Åhh vilket totalt/kapitalt trams, dé sån znark på den.

That is the SoSo Perspective.

* It is not an actual word.