Again… Tro, Håb Og Techno

This is an excellent track. And I mean an excellent electronic track by any means and by a debudant. If KMRU can make it to the frontrow there is no reason what so ever that this should not. You need to start from somewhere to get anywhere.

The track title?

Faith, Hope And Techno

Compairing music? No, I don’t dable with that. Thing is… if you are completely unknown and you make art. Then it is very hard to get noticed (this not something new). What you need is recognition, what you need someone else; somebody saying the simple fact: this is good, this is fantastic!

And I’m reiterating myself (I hate that, intensly by the way). Max Kandig’s Tro, håb og techno of the album Legebarn is nothing but a masterpiece.

And I get agrevated that it does not get the attention that it deserves. – Calm down will you? – No, so many times have I witness this. Wasted talent. I have so many tracks, (some say too many), everyone of them is chosen carefully. Something made in 2020 from “nowhere”? I am not in the mood telling jokes.

Now, I would like to know, what/why/you’re wrong. Producer or not. I strongly believe in the constructive process. Argument – Contra argument.

So you tell me, what is wrong, what is wrong?

I get upset.

It is not that hard: Legebarn.