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The One And Only

March 19th, 2019 Comments off

The DJ is the one doing the selection and any decent DJ can do that.

Then there are brilliant ones and they over-shine everybody, the selection and the technique. Raw experience and immense talent is what it takes.

And there is a DJ that goes by the name of DJ Storm. And she is more than qualified to be called just that: a DJ.

Exhale. Breath. Relax. Live.

Would have if I could have.

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UK Heritage

March 15th, 2019 Comments off

Electro music? It crosses the Atlantic repeatedly. “House” is undeniably from the US.

However, intertwined across the great sea for an eternity.

Origin -> Drums -> Düsseldorf -> Detroit/Chicago -> Back -> Return -> Eternal -> Love!

Oh yes, the closest tube station is actually called Bank!

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1992 In Full Force!

March 15th, 2019 Comments off

I never saw this day coming (that may not be entirely true…). Reminiscence is a dangerous endeavor.

– Why? The year 1992* is musically an extremely diverse year.

– What do you mean? – All musical years’ are diverse, but if you happen to listen there will be a limited number of year’s that are special to you – in the event that you where to be forced to choose. According to me that’s reminiscence… it would seem to mostly depend on when or where where you born.

– Why is time important?

– I’m not entirely sure, but I think it has to do with direct experience and lack there-of… (basically you are young).

And most people tend to remember their youth as the best period in their lives (it obviously doesn’t apply to me ; ) ) and since all are born a specific year there will be years’ that are more significant than others.

* As always, “- Well, why not 1990-1995 or how can you possibly ignore 1998?” The short answer is, I can’t.”

Below are eleven albums released in 1992 (that are included in my private collection):

Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique
Jodeci – Forever My Lady
Altern 8 – Full On ·· Mask Hysteria
D-Influence – Good 4 We
Brand Nubian – In God We Trust
Mr Fingers – Introduction
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Mecca And The Soul Brother
Ten City – No House Big Enough
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
The Orb – U.F.Orb
Mary J. Blige – What’s The 411?

And there are so many more released in 1992. It is an incredibly year (too me).

– Can I please go home now?

Uncle Dugs that would be it.

Misuse Of The Eternal

March 6th, 2019 Comments off

No, this will simply not do. You need to clean up your act.

Bass music is not pop-music and it will never ever will be that.

Bass music is not the same… it is not a bag of of assorted liquored, you can not “play-list” together a set. In reality you can not ever “play-list” any set. That would be either skills or simple respect.

And I swear, if I’m the last one thing living on this earth the bass will never be treated like that.

– Why? What, do you think? What, is always the answer to that very question? It is pure conviction and years’ served.

– What? You start out young (it is just ridiculous, how would you start out if not young…).

– How many times have I’ve seen this, have many years have I heard that? So, since my birthday is coming up? And I actually heard someone saying on the radio (as it was a good thing), an up-and-coming:

“I’m not only about the music…*”

– What the hell does that mean? It can never be anything about the music…

“I’m on social media…” the confusion is/must be total.

And, just, when I got some hope it is shattered immediately. Did I mention that my birthday is coming up? Q? How many years?

– When actually I are you born? I mean what year are you born?

And now you do not have the correct permit to use the bass in any way you see fit. And no you are not allowed to lay on any rhymes you see fit, what-never on the sacred bass.

And no, you are not allowed to use the digital power at your flimsy nervous hands right now to release what-ever.

This bass abuse has to stop and it will be stopped.

And you will show decades of the: 303, 707 and 808 their due respect.

And no, this is not some kind of “Insta”/”Twitter” joke… F**K that!

* An vocal artist using the eternal? Let me irritate: “I’m not only about the music…” making/misusing bass music. No, can’t have that. It needs to be stopped, right now.

xxx0 – This is (honestly) the 800th published post. What? Well, some are private and some have simply been deleted, if you happen to be numeric… like I am.

Will The Difference Ever Be Understood?

March 5th, 2019 Comments off

It is something that should be readily understandable and as clear as the most pristine flood water – like in the North.

What now?

– The simple question is this one: what is the difference between “old-school” and “history”?

Primarily, (for me in any event), is musical and I’m confident in my belief that it affects every aspect of human activity.

So, what is the difference? Well, to begin with, today’s date is: Tuesday, 5 March 2019, right?

I could change the publishing date of this post or any other post here to any date and to any time (down to the second), but I don’t want to do that – it would upset my entire chronology, and that would render them useless to me.

The 1st ever post is this one: Funckarma, Part 5 [DUB Recordings – DUB 23, 2002] and it was published on May 23, 2002 @ 03:00. It was posted then and has remained untouched since then and in a jiffy exactly as it appeared almost 17 years ago.

The posts are all posted in sequence down to the second, however, I could re-arrange them. I could give them a different date and that is down to the second – they (the/my posts) are all are housed in a database and the last one could very well be first and vice-versa, their “time-stamp” could be anything and they can be changed/re-arranged at any moment.

– What does this entail?

That is when: history literally gets lost, because it is/will get increasingly difficult (impossible) keeping track of time it self. Is this a genuine problem and why would anyone want to do that?*

Well, I could re-order everyone of them how I would see fit. Now, You may want to pause for a bit and think about what the big “” companies can/will and do with “your” data every second of the day…**

– Do I believe it to be a significant problem?

– I do. Actually it has been a problem with the Internet from the get go. There is an immense problem with continuity and traceability (and it it is not only a theoretical one. I have owned several domains/sites that would have been lost forever or may have been if I hadn’t try to safeguard them for prosperity.).

If the so-called block-chain concept can address this problem despite all the hype it is well worth investigating.

Imagine you could: rewrite every book, retake or remake every photo, song , film or painting? What would happen to a re-read of a book or a revisit of a painting/film etc.? What would happen at the discovery that it is nothing at all like the memory of what you read?

If you suddenly would return to Le Louvre in Paris just to discover that “Mona Lisa” is actually a painting of the famous ‘Mon Lucien’?

I’m sorry to inform you all that it has already happened. So, what ever brought this whole charade on?

– The search for the future, a lack of education and some other things.

Hearing a vocally based commercial success from the 90’s being played at twice the recorded speed at and being presented as new and fresh? A complete slaughter of a track that was at the time an exploit of a “sound” and hard, hard work down in the underground being unappreciated. It is what seems like a complete loss of (musical) history.

– Will you ever, ever, ever get to the point?

– Right… The difference? “Old-school” is self-experienced and “History” is the rest.** If you are born in the 90’s rather than the 70’s it will be, which one of the two?

* I have a change log, a list of revisions and I can revert if I feel like to. This post has, let me check… about 35 revisions including one autosave thus far. The first mentioned post has 17 revisions and the first is from

** You need to understand that.

*** – That’s it? Honestly? One sentence? “‘Old-school’ is self-experienced and ‘History’ is the rest.”

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I Can Get In A Very Good Mood

March 3rd, 2019 Comments off

I love this track! Välkommen hem! Labyrint feat. Dani M.

La Cité. All (should) have one of there own, “Le Quartier” and of course the army, the boys and girls are essential. What is a general without an army… lost. Precisely like the Eagle was so many years ago.

Please see: La Cité II.

I Can Get In A Really Bad Mood

March 3rd, 2019 Comments off

Whenever, I’m constricted and especially when I’m refused the dance.

If it happens to be at: 01:30 in my fair Stockholm… on my very own and alone. In that case I mean in an extremely bad mood.

However, that is a quintessential non-constructive mood (every single time).

To dance is to pray
to pray is to heal.

The above on the other hand is not: A Tribe Called Red. It is obviously the complete opposite of non-constructiveness.

© Supaman

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I Wanna – Really?

March 1st, 2019 Comments off

What can I say? 6 Figures Gang on

That’s the future right there and now!

The furiousity in the mix (the selection)?

The literally impossible mixing attempted stunts (this is not critique, it just that some things are impossible to achieve yet the attempt/trying to do so – the impossible will fill you with awe and respect)?

That it what you what you want to hear in reality. So many musical references, some are intentional and some are unintentional – and it is… in one word, brilliant!

This is exactly how the music is supposed to be played.

My personal opinion is that the mixes are to unnecessarily short, too short, but that is a strictly personal opinion and it is closely related to the fact that I really don’t like short tracks to begin with.

And that is a known fact – if you don’t believe me just ask the Doctor…

D’où Je Viens Or My Creed

February 24th, 2019 Comments off

The things you need to be learned*:

Tape down all the cables – you need to do it with duct tape and don’t try to be ‘economic’ about applying it – someone will trip or spill, guaranteed.

If the connection breaks or is disrupted in any way there will be an abomination, it equals silence. And ‘silence’ is nothing but disgusting!

“What just happened it is not possible, right?

What you need to immediately:

Re-check all the connections, amplifier(s), pre- and the others, the equalizer, the mixer (it might be ‘reversed’), your needles, your computer, the lights and the projectors and the power!

– Do we even have power?

Last but not least you need to check yourself. That said: when everything works and the boys, girls and the rest are there? It can not be described in words and that is my; “D’où Je Viens Or My Creed”.

And I will not, I cannot compromise or deny that fact ever.

– Do we have power? Thus begins the most rapid complete system’s check that is ever performed in the history of man kind, ever. A military style system’s check infused with adhered stress levels.

Why? Because the sound needs to be brought back, it has to be restored at any cost and as fast as is humanly possible. This ‘silence’ needs to be stopped, right then and now.

– Can we draw enough current or will we pop an auto-fuse? Will, 220V/16A suffice or do we need more? Remember, no less than 2kW for the sound and then you have to power the rest…

– That’s Ohm’s law right? Later, when the machinery gets hot.

– Will the boys/girls turn up? In the end?

The music? You’ll be playing or someone else will be doing it. I never, ever wanted to do that myself (actually I was forced). What I wanted to/still do is one simple thing and that is to dance, listen to, hear the music as it was intended to be played. And you can trust me on that.

* My mentors tough me all that. Be, early, ready and test, test, test – always! Eternal thanks… for having the patience teaching me. Everything is a lesson of some sort.

La Résistance I – C’est L’Orignacal

February 22nd, 2019 Comments off

It is all about “les mots” and yes, “Orignacal” is an actual French wording – the complexity of all thousands spoken languages in the World is… intimidating.

Orgin||ac o. -al (pl. -aux) m = original III, 2.

ISBN 91-24-20108-1

Printed by Richard Clay Ldt, Bungay, Suffolk

What more can I say? Actually… something more from the UK; LBNHRX to be exact (best kept secret).

Hmm, there’s a reference already written right here (and just about right now I have to admit that I have not written about LBNHRX…) and that in itself is nothing but a mystery.

It may be connected to “reality” and the things that I’m forced to deal with on a daily basis. The so-called “life”.

Yet, this is still the exact moment where the art(s) take command. When contemporary music manifests itself. When it imposes itself upon (My) reality again.

It is: when/then the; ‘buts’, ‘ifs’, and ‘then’s’ ceases to exist.

– Is it really that good? With-out-a-doubt. It is in fact exactly that good.
– Why is that? That would be/is almost four (4) decades of intense listening.

– Will it ever stop? The simple answer is: No, it will never stop and why would ever you want it to? – In all honesty why would you ever pose that question? In what context?

@ Underground Resistance.

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