Bruderschaft Im Elektrizität

A very long time ago. Agreed.

– What have you bought? What is the newest in your case?

– We are friends? Right?

– Yes, of course we are but you know that now we’re in locked combat?

– So, what have you bought and what are you going to play tonight?

– I am not telling you now? I got some new stuff. I could tell you exactly, but I’m not going to do that. If we’re locked down in musical hand-to-hand-combat? You know what I like/play? Listen and watch me…

– You did not just play that track? The brand new one? I wanted/planned to play that, in order, from my case?

– That is too bad (for you). I guess that I beat you to it… what do you have in your case?

– Good unhappiness. Master.

Marcel Bull Bear is the leader of the Lakota Dance Company. …Traditional Dance, Grass Dance and Fancy Shawl Dance. Culture.

To dance is to pray
to pray is to heal.

Please see: I Can Get In A Really Bad Mood.