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Petri Or Don’t Panic Too [II]?

Julius Richard Petri (May 31, 1852 – December 20, 1921) was a German microbiologist who is generally credited with inventing the device known as the Petri dish after him, while working as assistant to bacteriologist Robert Koch.

Source: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE, 13/02/2020 13:23:05.

I Think There’s A Corner Here?

Ken Block in a Ford… driving like that? It is unbelievable. Full throttle, in gear (sequential) with a turbo charged focused 380 break horse power Cosworth engine? The sound…? Road-legal. That car weighs less than a ton, around 900 or so. 380 hp, four-wheel drive and less than 1000 kg? Hp per Kg? Red-hot turbo? Carbon-fiber and alloy all around. That’s craziness…

Complex Systems…

The short instruction book stretches 330 pages and the long one is a 1317 page PDF?

That would be 1317 pages in one published document and the one in between is 400 pages or so. Two generations of the same system and another one, many, many pages.

These publications are inherited and most likely in desperate need of a major rewrite. One is + 1300 pages? Hey, that’s what I do…

Given time, peace and tranquillity and the necessary tools? It is most definitely doable, there are many pages and even more characters… but it can be done. Trust me. It is what I do.

Photo: © Borja Vizcarro Sebas

Mitt Jordfel Är Roligare Or Zero Is Ground

… än alla jag tidigare har känt. Det är bedrövligt.

In short? Electrical issues, I have a grounding problem, it is intermittent but as long as it does not interfere with my listening I really don’t care. it is just there… in the background.

“Fel” means “error” and “jordfel” means ground error, electrically. So what? Well “jord” also translates to “Earth”. This is not a good thing in any sense – electrically it affects all my machines and in particular my amplifier. In the other sense? “Earth-error” affects everything…

So? The rest… the rest of my failures? You mean in my life that is not related to electrical ground failures?

Zero is ground.