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1052 °C

1052 Centigrade? Using mirrors, computers and solar energy only? That’s impressive and that’s enough to melt most things we use and know of in the table (periodic):

Aluminium (Al)13 melts at 660,33 °C and Copper (Cu)29 at 1085,00 °C.

Lead (Pb)82 melts at: 327.5°C and in between them you’ve got; Tin (Sn)50, Magnesium (Mg)12 and Zink (Zn)30.

The only thing that is really missing is: Iron (Fe)26, unfortunately, it melts at 1538 °C and we use iron to make Steel*. The temperature reached is not that far away…

Aluminium goes a far, far way it just not as strong. yet it is in fact one of the most common solid elements on earth (the seas are made up of Hydrogen** (H)1 and Oxygen (O)8, that would be H2O, Combined they make up for quite a bit, if not most of Tellus more than 75%.

* Steel is an alloy, it is a combination of different elements from the periodic table. Steel is not an element.

** It is regarded as the simplest and most common known element in our universe.

A Thing Of Bruty

Discarded, found, collected and in perfect working order.

I’ll drill my way trough your wall/door and then I’ll saw my way into your home… time? It is not really a factor, power-supply, however? It might be an issue, but a stand-alone-petrol/gasoline/mixed generator would sort that out. Using nothing but power tools.

Then again: oxygen and a termite rod burning at 3000 centigrade will sort everything out.

I mean, if the case is getting in and the focus is to actually get in? Then, what is needed is quite obvious?

The melting point for almost anything existing in this World is well below that temperature (actually that applies to “everything”, apart from magnetic fields and other stuff of that kind.).

No further comments.

This Is What I Do

GET me/workout/ :id

The latest logged workout should be displayed. The status of the workout, its exercises and their respective sets must be retrievable from the database. Consider the following scenario: A workout consisting of five exercises with four sets each. Two exercises were logged as completed including all their sets. One exercise was skipped altogether including all its sets, one exercise was neither logged nor skipped and the last exercise was partly completed i.e. three sets where completed, one was skipped and the exercise logged.

iOS + JSON + databases

Among all the other stuff.

The Little Black Bear + Niche

The little black bear – Pieni musta Karhu (my black steel steed) is waiting trustworthy; as always… just sitting there quietly in the dark – just parked outside (that would be my bike).

The little golden Puma – Pieni kultainen Puuma is missing most of its parts and is parked on the balcony at the moment (and winter is coming) and the third, hereto unnamed one is locked in an (at the moment) unattainable government storage facility.

Are there plans? Yes, indeed there are; little black bear is perfect (rear-breaks would not hurt anybody), golden? needs parts (many), unamned? Frame will be stripped downed to bear metal and then we will see.

The welding and fittings will decide? Yes, it will either get a clear-cote lacquer or it will be naturally (and unevenly) alu-oxidated depending on what is underneath the paint…

History + Perspective Is Important

I went here; to Brunkensbergstorg, Malmskillnadsgatan, it is situated in the absolute center of Stockholm at Kulturhuset.

I was thinking, that when I was young – it was the most disregarded part of the entire city center. In all honesty an non-visitable place for more reasons than one.

And that things do change… now it is fashionable.

However, it has more than 700 year’s history, including a decapitation. The square is named after a knight named: Johan von Brunkow.

He was decapitated in 1318 and the square bares his name til’ this day.

Because “berg” translates to mountain in Swedish. But a mountain is actually a hill in a Swedish context. Mountain or hill? It is dependent of height right?

In all senses of the word it is a convention. I saw someone today stumble over a 2 cm (1″) obstacle. True? Yes. You or I could do it. A hill or berg is tall or not. “Brunkensbergstorg”. Much later on at least two areas: “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen” was namned after him.

What about it? “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen”?

“Huvudet” literally means head and “halsen”, literally means neck in Swedish. John was decapitated in 1318.

I realize once again that I need to split this text…

It’s On The Computer!

AC shuffled all the songs in the collection…?

The whole idea caught me by surprise. I left my computer unattended for a while and then I returned bewildered… no, it is, extremely, fascinated, truly.

I would never even I have thought of that idea… shuffle them all?

The concept is somewhat understandable, however the collection is 25000 songs’ strong?

“Shuffle all?” On a 25K collection? In time that is in excess of 85 days of continuous playing… and that is a funny concept!

What’s all the fuzz about? Well, to begin with it is not a stream or a playlist. We’re talking about an (my) actual record collection.

It is my collection and it is comprised of actual files* stored on one of a multitude of hard-drives.

The tracks collected are my labor-of-love the past 35 yrs or so and not all, but most of them have a physical counterpart, a majority of them have counterpart existing in this very World.

I’ve never, ever shuffled anything and I do not have playlists. I listen an album/record at the time. As I enjoy my rather selective 25000 songs’ strong collection.

This happens to be related to another specific problem. Regarding history and traceability on the great Nokia-net, i.e Internet. It may not seem important or problematic just yet, however, according to me it is already a problem in this very day…

There are serious temporal grievousness, that I have written/spoken of many times before. Traceability is deteriorating/disappearing rapidly. Faux-relativism is taking over and things like; albel/catalogue-nr/release date/genre (which I’ve always had tremendous problems with) are becoming concepts that are void of meaning.

All these things combined are un-good, and especially for the collector…

History is memory, and memory is the future, right?


Hardware Failure

There’s a point in holding on the discarded stuff at times (or should that be always?).

The fan failed and by pure chance I had an exact spare tucked away.

And after replacement it runs perfectly! Live to fight another day!