The One Before Uncle Dugs

Uncle Dugs always gives shouts to the one and only: A Guy Called Gerald!!!? – So what? – That man legend, he is a true champion of the sound! Why would that be at all surprising? – It isn’t. That’s not it. It not the eclectic, uncompromising, and so many decades of experienced styles. –… Continue reading The One Before Uncle Dugs

Classic Stuff

I can’t say that I’ve actually counted, but it must be hundreds of readings at a minimum. It is one of my all time favourite albums, ever! Rastopopoulos… the evil genius! It is still hilarious, by the way!

It Is Time

20 years? It took me a time to actually sign up… so I guess my: Joined on February 25, 2006 is somewhat of a late starter? The aim was and has always have been the same to keep track of the collection, no actually it is the love for the music, formats, details and the… Continue reading It Is Time

Time [less]

Why does it matter? It used too be/it is still is futuristic music? Tracks that you will never know… from 1995 til’ 2020, but this is the culture. It is elite for everybody. This is what you love and hate! The know and not know? This is why we are different from the rest? A… Continue reading Time [less]

Deeply Disappointed

Once in my life I tried Suketter, that was very long, long time ago. I, my little sister and our oldest cousin were intrigued by the little white pills contained in the white and blue box. – What are those? – They’re sugar pills for the coffee. I personally never understood why you would want… Continue reading Deeply Disappointed