I’ll Be Damned If I Do And Damned If I Don’t

Again? History? That is D+R? M**** F****!

Album: Lost in the Moment. Track in question? Replicate. For the record this is absolutely not my favourite track at all. My favourite track is: Hunter and I would have bought the entire thing solely because of that single track.

Why? That is basically crazy! However, 25 years later? That is culture, that track (to me) is solid/rough enough to enter my collection. Solid? +25 consecutive plays including breaks. It is a solid track.

The other one? Replicate? Who, would you pick, guess, would likely play this tune instead? One guess… Let’s just listen… I know. However, remember folks, one guess only and take into account +25 years of tracks.

Am I close to stumbling? I’m near second-guessing? Am I even close to being mistaken? No, I’m not! Long time, a lot of water has been flowing beneath them bridges, the Lord will tell you.

This here track, from this here album? Is what you would have been or will given if the natural state of things would have been been at play. On the Wall that will be erected. That is a promise.

– Are you confident?

– Yes, this is the master class divider between tech* and the rest. It is Hunter, Shunted and Delta period? Or is it not? Clearly strong>Replicate is not. It is Dom + Roland. So, helpe’th me the Lord!

– Do I have to choose?

You don’t understand my words, but you still have to choose.

And who else would it be than the magnificent Dom + Roland; to demonstrate, prove, conclude and … continue it! Long, long, long waging musical battle about the intricate details of the breaks. But, the breaks started in battle… from the beginning; dancing and graffiti, right?

This is not over, not by a long-shot or a even a mile. I always respect the other opinion, however, it is important to realise when to concede?

I honestly do not understand why this discussion even continues? I mean; just listen, pack up and then go home…

We are the Borg collective; resistance is futile – You Will Be Assimilated.