Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Good Luck with all of that. I am just saying what I have always been saying. This is what matters: Crushed. Period. (.). That is the culture. Bass culture. That’s 2 (two) bagged and in the bag for you and me. 2021 is going to be a stellar year! Like any other, trust me.

– It never happened before and I pray it will never happen again. I actually said: “You need to leave the dance floor right now!” If you stay here 30 seconds longer you will suffer permanent hearing damage. You are young And you do not want permanent hearing deficiency for the rest of your life, right?

– This is a professional establishment and professionals at the controls? We can trust that?

– Yes and no. Under normal circumstances that would be an accurate assumption. Professionals commanding the crusher sound-wise. Responsibly. However, tonight, this night those rules do not apply and I’m telling you that you need to leave or you will get hurt, you will hurt yourselves and I don’t want that.

– But you are staying?

– I’m standing behind a concrete pillar, off the firing-line of the many large speakers and I am in fact covering my ears with my own fingers… I am as you can readily see not on the dance floor. Yet, it is my civic duty to inform you and your company that this is time to leave. This evening is not for you or anyone else for that matter. It is Jaques Lueder’s and Cutting Pleasure’s night and if you stay tonight you will probably get hurt.

– How did we end up in this here situation?

– That is when you search and have a strong vision/determination and the contemporary sets the rules. It is a situation and you act accordingly. It is by far the most exaggerated/extreme thing I have ever witnessed/listened to.

– It was an aural assault. Orchestrated by the only one that could actually do something like that. It is knowing what the consequences might be and yet balancing the force somehow. It is remarkable. The simple question is the following:

Will it break? Will the system disintegrate? There’s no consideration what so ever. It is locked combat with the sound system and the World. Something will have to give. A moment’s decision. It is a thing of beauty to witness.

– What do think? Listening, will it hold? The system or will it break. Honestly?

– I don’t know. 20 – 30 KW system. I didn’t build it. I know it is strong (mid and treble) and it’s putting up a fight right now.

– But will it actually hold? Right now? Or will break? I simply don’t know. Punished by the Machines – 2008 MAS business. But much harder. Music that is made like that. Sound system wrecker music. It is called Electro and it comes in many forms.

Will the system hold or will it disintegrate? I just don’t know… I’ve seen it. All in red, headphones, stack, booth, pants and boots. Still holding…

“- Will you not just calm down, plz?”