Silicon Maxing Out

When I finally found what I was looking for…? This release (I had literally to pry it out of his un-dead hands…).

– You work in a record shop right? You work in this record shop? You told me that this is the release that I want/need, and you know that it is one out of 15? I only ever buy one out of 15. Why is that? You can make an educated guess.

– You will like/want to own this; Silicon Scally ‎– Dark Matter. Per culture… I don’t want you to own this release. Because you may play it at some time in the future….

Satamile? They’re from NYC? Electro right? US business and their infernal studio set-ups. Analogue compression from the past. “- I sourced all the tubes I could find to the pre/post-amplifier…” *

– We are not in competition?

– No. We’re most definitely not, but we may/could be in the future? I know who you know and that you are in fact in the right, you deserve owning this record, however I really don’t want you to.

– I am buying this record; period! It is for sale, no?

– Yes it is for sale. You can buy this record. You are certified, but that’s only because you have proven yourself and because of who you know and how you know them. The Music makers… otherwise you would leave the store empty-handed. You need to earn the right or leave with… nothing. These are the rules.

In Stockholm, Paris or London. When in the store **, it’s not really a question about money at all…

– Are you worthy of owning this release?

Infuriatingly frustrating. The rules.

* Still big/huge problems emulating that. Ambient temperature, dust, humidity, quality of power/current, time-of-day – it all factors into the sound at the end. Analogue stuff and if you listen carefully you will discerner the difference. ISM…

** That would be: Snickars Records. Umm, yes, still around…