Moving Parts

The actual lift machinery. I’ve never personally seen them in action before. It is what you never get to see on-top of any lift; they’re constantly revolving/moving in either direction. They are the machines lifting the cabin (that you’re standing in) either up or down at speed (in this case +-26 floors). I was surprised… Continue reading Moving Parts

On The Wall IV

Discarded, thrown away, yet carefully packed. I like the colours and the composition. Not everything ends up on the wall… Undated work, oil on canvas (30x30cm) signed: CHUAN.

The View

Every time, like a small bewildered child. Whenever I reluctantly look at what actually is my Life/City. That view…


Water… and a lot of it. It made a loud sound. The water. I heard it from above, before the overpass. An unfamiliar sound to me. And then I saw what was the cause of the unfamiliar sound. It was water rushing through the slues… from Mälaren to Östersjön. A loud roaring sound of many… Continue reading H2O

It’s It Is Not Obvious If You Don’t Happen To Know

The basic set-up of a record player was featured just now on and it suddenly vanished and was much harder to find… Here it is: The Beginner’s Guide to a Basic Turntable Set-Up. I really like this “educational” approach (to be honest I haven’t read the whole thing yet…). But the basics are: –… Continue reading It’s It Is Not Obvious If You Don’t Happen To Know