Can It Really Be 3,162277‬2 Years Ago?

Ten year anniversary! Oh, My lord! It is tear-jerkeringly good music. Ten years later. Tempo shifts? The electronic funk? Unbelievable production.* What? I am talking about Ludvig Elblaus’s Trials album**. It is one of my favourites and in contains tracks that are out of this world. Beautiful and with a complexity that is unusual; among… Continue reading Can It Really Be 3,162277‬2 Years Ago?

E.T. (Extraterrestrial)

“Are you alien? Out of this World!” One or the best hip-hop album ever made: OutKast ‎– ATLiens – LaFace Records ‎– 73008-26029-2 “96′ is going to be the year… Teardrops that turns to rain. My memories of yesterday…” Excellent album! And they went Global.

Well… What Did You Expect, Dressed Like That?

In Brixton, London a long, long time ago… trying to get a cab, dressed in an all white Swedish Army winter combat suit? It was a good call not to wear the face mask* as I did earlier the same evening. Because, then I would probably never have returned from Brixton. Altern 8 4-ever! –… Continue reading Well… What Did You Expect, Dressed Like That?

Je Suis Bell 03

…and Jaques Lueder is my musical friend. You need to start f**ing understand what the h**l is going on, up in here… Cutting Pleasure and Electronic Desert? That would be, strictly no joke business, is not and it never was. The mag pie ate the strawberry and desecrated the beautiful fruit. Without any shame what… Continue reading Je Suis Bell 03

The Doctor

Doc Scott. I’ve meet him. I’ve talked to him. Responsible. Music. UK impossibility. 31? London. Did you actually? Yes I did. Street Knowledge, Drumz 95^ and Shadow Boxing? What can I say? Today is the day. If you ever… believed and/or unconditionally leaned against the 10″ stack (I should have lost my hearing that night.… Continue reading The Doctor

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