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I Always Go For The Full Bucket

April 12th, 2020

It is a very long time ago, yet it is still as unreal as it was then.

Legendaries? That just does not cut it… That would be the Elite of the Elite. The core of the culture. in a kitted Ford Focus (a small drive), weighting down the suspension (drop it to the floor), hard on both the left and right.
– Move over a bit (large men) will you? And then playing the bass?
– This here straight from the studio, just now, right now, it’s not released. Sounding alright?

On a side street, at the back, in central London? You will not forget. And I don’t.

– It’s that all you’re going to eat?
– Yes, I’m not that hungry.
– I always go for the full bucket.

Said… I am as lost for words now as I was then. I still listen intensely to the music. Decades later, and it is still as unreal.

The music? Eternal. Who dem’ be? I’m not telling…

I’m just trying to get through/surviving the set whilst reminiscing past times; Fabio & Grooverider 7th of April 2020 in the year of the Lord. rinse fm.

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