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Bukhara Kites Part One

December 4th, 2017 Comments off

Deep UK musical tradition right there…

I have been waiting for a new VOD album a very, very long time, waiting for the “Vizier Of Damascus”.

I have conflicting feelings. Being deeply involved is not a problem in itself. But you may loose yourself.

No, I don’t know him personally. Religion? My ancestors did, my father and I was supposed to do so. No, I don’t know VOD personally. I listen to his music.

I really do like that what is “spiritual”. Yet, the past decades have evolved in another direction altogether. So many people getting lost. Getting lost in dogma? The rules.

I still hope/trust that music/art will set the level and even all that out. “Badashai” is from 2005, it is one of my favorite albums. It is quite old now.

An extremely beautiful album and fueled by out-most conviction? An actually religious conviction? In faith, an actual believer made the album? Ironic. A religious individual with taste.

The World has changed a lot since then, fanatics destroying everything in their path. Relations close to impossible. Armageddon? Possibly. But, your convictions and feelings have not changed? You still believe? You are a believer?

In any event, I like it, immensely.

The new one? The artwork is stunning. It is a Rednetic release, what else would you expect?

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December 2nd, 2017 Comments off

Vizier Of Damascus on Rednetic.

The music is as good as it ever was/gets. However, there is a religious element. It did not matter then, but it may do so now.

Then again it was and will remain an element that I actually enjoy. There are conflicting feelings. Conviction, what is that exactly?

What is the difference if any? Adhering to blind faith or believing in hard science? Is there a difference? Besides one being completely erroneous and the other the absolute truth I might add.

I reluctant.

My father told me…

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Steppin’ Out

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

Dressed, boots laced and polished.

Ready to serve, joining my brothers and sisters. My bass family. Just waiting now.

It is snowing. Time: 21:00? It is way too early, but I’m extremly bored. I need to move, now.

The little one says: “21 Savage”? I concurr. Ridiculous bass. I like it. 20:50… 10 minutes left.

The little ones listen to bass music? The ruff Atlanta stuff?

Anno Domini 2017-12-01.

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Fab & Groove On

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

It’s just to good to be true. I mean come on! Many decades later. Just look/listen.

That is the definition of push/brotherhood.

Fabio & Grooverider? The absoulte heroes. Heroes all the way. Unreal stuff. They play and play and play… that is truly unbelievable.

Overdoing it? Just a little bit? That’s fine by me. I mean someone has to do it right? I’m loving it all the way and every single bit of it. Look at it.

It is brilliant. Unsurpassed. Playing the impossible.

Them be the proper original rude boys.

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You Say

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

You say Digital* and I say how loud?

* Men det borde du väl ha fattat vid det här laget? – Jo, man kan ju tycka det.

It just never going to end. The breaks are as satisfying/interesting as they were when I heard them the first time a very long time ago.

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In My Castle

December 1st, 2017 Comments off

I’m all alone in my castle (by choice it would seem).

I was planning to play one thing (the “Digital Synthesis” compilation one more time) but I ended up listening to another thing altogether.

A different thing, it is another of many personal favourites I might add.

Why is that? And what is so special about it? Well, to begin with it is neo-electro.  Claro Intelecto – Neurofibro* – Ai Records – AiLP008CD. Tons of history (O. Bergman liked it a lot back then) there.

Wow, you finally wrote an actual text about music and not all that other rubbish!

Come on man! You will have to give up at some point? You can’t continue like this for an eternity? Or can you?

– Just give me a reasonable alternative and I will in all honesty consider it. Otherwise? Then just watch me. “Wave the freak flag high.” Just like Hendrix did, like mother and father said/told me too.

* Bomber och granater have you ever heard: “Tria”?

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Digital – Synthesis – Lightworks

November 30th, 2017 Comments off

No more discussion. And it is not even my favourite track (Klute mind you).

Picture? That is the man himself: Digital. Listening to it now? It is clear that he may have some credits due in fact he has a lot to claim.

Digital, Drumsound & Simon “Bassline” Smith – Fire or Digital, Spirit – Out Of Time or…? are you f**ing pulling my leg? Unreal sounds.

My lord, the pressure is… unreal. UK… destroying everybody and everything… again.

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You Don’t Think It Can Happen?

November 30th, 2017 Comments off

Digital Synthesis? Breaking my heart. There are not words to describe it. Either you know or you simply will never do so. My God…

Hidden for a long time. I’m cleaning my machines. It was bought, stored and not listened to.

I just did not listen to it, I am doing so right now. It is Digital? Yes I’m listening now.

Brothers and sisters! Breaks and bass eternally. I’m just stating a siumple fact.

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They’re Alive!

November 30th, 2017 Comments off

So, the mechanical engineering studies actually had a purpose in the end?

Two (2) M2 2×20 screws,  nuts and washers (I did have to drill and cut the screws down from 20mm to 16mm).

Forced to buy 300 pcs instead of the 8 pcs needed. 50/300 = 0,16 SEK a piece. 8 x 0,16 = 1,28 SEK.

The actual hardware did cost a little more than that, so I’m a winner (gagnant?). A rough estimate would be 1000 times more…

The pieces were made in China. If there would be any doubt. Actually the whole ensemble was manufactured there to begin with.

Originally engineered to break. There are brilliant people spending their time constructing/designing objects to fail? Why do they do that? My view? It should be very well known by now.

No, I never actually questioned that particular decision (mechanical engineering studies) in my life and I still intend to construct robots. My little one detests the mechanics/physics/science. My father did not like them either.

They’re alive now, repaired, saved and they’re back in active duty, they’re back to serve. Who? My trustworthy MDR-XB950BT headphones.  Japanese engineered Bluetooth headphones with built-in amplifier. I can push them. No distortion. I can push them beyond. Clean.

Completely unbalanced sounding and geared for one thing only and that is maximum bass. It does not have anything to do with high fidelity or exactness. They’re are played as loud* as is possible without distortion. It is a simple case of overstretch… I’m well aware of that and I’ll happily grant you that. I love it!

The reinstatement? First to be played? Erik Lundin – Suedi – RMH Records* – RMH008 – 2015.

This release distances everything else, this is by far the best Swedish hip hop album ever produced and released. It is a timeless piece of art right there. Best of the best.

Second to be played? Abd Al Malik – Scarifications – G!braltar – PIASL038LP – 2015. “Je ne dirais plus jamais, je t’aimes.”

Third? Lenzman – All For You EP – The North Quarter – NQ001 – 2016. “Greatful, as free as you want to be.”

Classic and arcaic drum’n’bass. “Grateful” that is a full two decades and some later. I can’t believe it. Did I actually miss my own life?

Fourth? Digital.

* Inte högt (frequency), hög volum utan starkt (loudness). Snart doktor L.E. har alltid rättat mig ang. det. Not “high” volume, but “loud”. The soon to be doctor L.E. have always corrected me on the subject. I feel… humbled and proud.


Om Unit Remixing Seba?

November 8th, 2017 Comments off

Actually, I heard about it the last friday (2017/11/03) and I saw it yesterday (2017/11/04).

I have not heard it yet. But, on the face off it. It seems like a pretty good idea.

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