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King Tubby & Soul Syndicate ‎- Freedom Sounds In Dub [Blood & Fire – BAFCD 01, 1996]

June 26th, 2013 Comments off

‘Dub Of Righteousness’ lyrics say:

‘Move you all, you wicked men, fire the burn your soul in hell. I say this, a change is bound to come one day.

Life won’t be this way always, the good can’t suffer. Tears fall from my eyes, there must be, better situation.

Life will not be like this always, the good can’t suffer. Each and everyone must live, every man, must be fed, bread!

I said move you all, oh you wicked men! I said move you all…’

So I say in my turn; listen lyrics and let us change our ways.

PS. The image to the left is not the actual cover of this compilation, as a matter of fact it is no more than a randomly selected image placed here to represent, this simple and crude fact; I want to go home…

Naono, Sleepy Pebbles [Archaic Horizon – AH038, 2010]

April 28th, 2012 Comments off

Since the ‘Vibrant Music’ label always has been a favorite of mine and since Naono has been heavily involved in the very same label from the start. This 2010 Archaic Horizon release enticed great hopes when I found it and let me tell you straight away it does not disappoint!

For even more cross-reference it was actually Ten And Tracer’s ‘You’ll Be A Hero Soon, Speaker’ that directed my attention to the label in the first place unknown to me up till then. Furthermore both Milieu (who’s fantastic ‘A Warm Wooden Hollow’ 2008 album on Infraction has yet to be written about here) as well as Electricwest have releases on the very same label.

‘Sleepy Pebbles’ is excellent in it’s entirety, it’s lush, programmed and executed with expertise. It’s hard to comprehend that a full 8 years have passed since Naono’s debut ‘Slope Drifting’ was released on the aforementioned Vibrant Music.

In total there are 7 beautiful tracks on ‘Sleepy Pebbles’ which by the way has cover art to match the musical quality. The album starts off with ‘Healing Process’ in a as soothing as it is well sounding mood. It flows on towards ‘Hobo The Hermit’, which is filled with rich texture as well as structure (beats). ‘Ocean Tapes’ is liquid and contains some perfectly devised watery samples. Apart from being a really good title ‘Random Lullabies’ features more of the warmth and lushness demonstrated thus far. ‘Sellotape Unicorn’ is my favorite track the percussion, bass, dub elements and down toned drama is simply sublime. ‘Tender Telescope’ and ‘Untitled Merrow’ conclude this excellent release by Naono.

And then you play ‘Sellotape Unicorn’ just one more time, especially if you happen to be on a headphone commute. Available at the Archaic Horizon label site.

Aitänna77, Night Loops [Test Tube – tube246, 2012]

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

Aitänna77 is far from being a stranger here at resurface and it’s lovely to once again encounter his musical output. This time around on the (by the look of things unstoppable) Portuguese Test Tube net label, currently racking up 247 something releases the past 8 years or so. ‘Night Loops’ is number 246 and it is an in all aspects excellent four track release; featuring the patented quirky little melodies, the varied instrumentation, the electronics and the skilfully treated lo-fi production. The tale-tell chimes in ‘Empty Pool, Summer Girl’ and you simply have to love the outrageous bass line and aggressive hand-clap featured in ‘Dreams Or Memories’. It is a delicate as it is excellent! Available at the Test Tube label site.

Inigo Kennedy, Walls Have Fears [Asymmetric – ASY MP3 021, 2012]

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

On ‘Walls Have Fears’ we hear Inigo Kennedy pursuing the path struck in his early 2011 ‘Distant Circles‘ release. As expected it’s well-produced, clever electronic music that is decidedly and firmly rooted in Techno. Very big drums, yet delicate and always with the unmistakable IK touch. ‘Cautum’, ‘Squirkle’, ‘Sentinel Four’, ‘Nocturnal’ and ‘Speechless (feat. Laska)’ all possess the aforementioned qualities. The big drums in ‘Cautum’, ‘Squirkle’, ‘Sentinel Four’, the distinct hand-clap in Nocturnal’ or the delicately constructed beats and accompanied vocals in the concluding and mellow ‘Speechless (feat. Laska)’. This is an excellent techno release complete with a funny title and a down-tempo number as conclusion. It is readily available in digital format at the Inigo Kennedy run Asymmetric label site.

C.DB.SN + Scaffolding, Covalent States [Plastic Sound Supply – PSS013, 2011]

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

Another offering from the friendly ‘Plastic Sound Supply’ label operating out of Denver, Colorado in the USA. ‘Covalent States’ is a four track release featuring two artists. One of them is closely associated with PSS, namely Scaffolding, who was featured alongside Heft on the very first PSS release ‘We Will Diminish’ in 2008. ‘Covalent States’ is a nice sounding and rather traditional take on electronic music, and time-less in a sense because it could have been made a couple years ago, making it somewhat generic. That being said you do get solid musical workmanship, nice melodies and ample of bass. Keeping it short: it is a nice listen and it’s available at the Plastic Sound Supply label site.

Ola Bergman, Quizzical – Issue 1 [New Speak – NSPK009A, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

An intriguing new release and solid record (some pun intended) out on New Speak by the founder and owner Ola Bergman. The label was activated the same year as Electronic Desert and that would be Anno Domini 2002 (wait a year and it’ll be an even move of ten). The latest New Speak recording was 2009’s ‘Recast’ CD compilation featuring an array of talented electronic musicians.

‘Quizzical’ is actually a two part album and this is indicated by the first part’s subtitle ‘issue 1’. The four-track 12-inch has an equal distribution of tracks and makes for an enjoyable meeting with Ola Bergman’s musical world. And it is in every aspect an electrofied, heavily analogue, melodic and danceable encounter.

The opening track ‘Fearcast’ (which simply must be a play with words of the 2005 ‘Forecast’ release and track) is a piece of well-crafted, slightly nostalgic and all around nice sounding music. The drum machine on ‘Radiosonde’ is as solid as it has got pedigree and it is accompanied by a gentle melody, yet it still manages to be a definite dance floor adept. The B-side features ‘Pollination’ and ‘Crescent Nebula’ and both the tracks are sound wise more steadily focused on the shores of America rather than Europe. ‘Pollination’ also incorporates processed vocal elements.

‘Quizzical’ is another top quality release on New Speak and if you like New Speak and Ola Bergman’s music I strongly suggest you get a copy fast. The release is limited to 100 hand printed copies and they will not last.

Polestar, End of an Era [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTDIGI017, 2010]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

Reportedly ‘End of an Era’ is Jon Elliott last release using the name Polestar and given that his first release ‘Camplex EP’ on Boltfish Recordings was reviewed in 2005.

It now only seems as fitting as it is sad that Polestar’s last release also is a Boltfish one. At the time of his debut release I wrote the following among other things:

‘The flawless programming of beats, lush sounds, heaps of that all important bass and the overall warmth characterising this particular label’s sound is demonstrated to the fullest by Polestar on this his four-track debut release.’

The exact same thing could be said of the six tracks on ‘End of an Era’ that represents the closing chapter of the musical acquaintance that has been: Polestar.

Deadbeat, Drawn and Quartered [BLKRTZ – BLKRTZ001, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

‘Drawn and Quartered’ sees Deadbeat returning in form on his newly started BLKTRZ label.

The four-track album is packed with e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. The tracks are all generously stretched to the 10 minute marker and beyond.

Like I’ve said many times in the past, some like it and some don’t. I think it’s simply masterful!

Plakto, The Ninth Snail [El-Ljud – ELJD010, 2007]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

The Swedish based net label El-Ljud tenth release was Plakto’s ‘The Ninth Snail’ and it preceded the excellent thirteenth release ‘Soul’d Out’ by the same artist.

The categorisation is solid E-dub, excellent production and plenty of bass to go around. The 8 tracks on ‘The Ninth Snail’ are a treat and there’s enough complexity for a truly enjoyable and recurring listen. Did I mention the ample amounts of bass, fused with the exact amount of glitch and echo?

‘The Ninth Snail’ starts off exactly like described above; ‘Western Flab’ has a hypnotic bassline and excellent melody. In short a great track. ‘Misplaced Mom’ and ‘The Reset Chair’ are somewhat dubbier in nature, in the classical sense; ‘Artificial Cherry’ is short but sweet, whereas ‘Hypnotoad’ and ‘Satanic Cat Standard’ combine the bass content with some definite techno treatment. To summarise the 8 tracks on ‘The Ninth Snail’ all leave you feeling warm inside and wanting to play them again.

It is an excellent album and the workmanship of a truly talented producer. ‘The Ninth Snail’ and 13 other interesting releases are available as download on the El-Ljud website. Get them now!

Atheus, Compile [Silent Season – SSCD09, 2011]

May 3rd, 2011 4 comments

I simply had to write something about Silent Season! A label that is yet another new acquaintance to me, hailing from British Columbia, Canada (and you may think, rightfully; what is the meaning of all these geographical references on

Well, for one thing it may have to do with the fact that is located in Sweden (think extreme northern Europe), or that it was also a recurring theme on Electronic Desert, or that Turkey stands in line to be reviewed, but the hope is that the main reason is to point out the utterly beautiful and global presence of electronic music that is maintained by the first and only global* means of communication; namely the Internet.

And please keep in mind (or realise) that it has not always been and that it may very well be lost forever due to other forces that are in play in this, complex World of ours.

Now, let’s move on to the subject in the centre of this text: Atheus’ wonderful ‘Compile’ album on Silent Season. To establish a reasonable baseline let’s first conclude one thing: it is nothing but excellent! It is filled to the brim with e-dub of the highest order, with forward movement and fused with the right amount of static.

Nevertheless, there’s one track that simply (to my mind) is just a tiny fraction better than all of the rest and destined in becoming a future classic, the majestic ‘Einsatz’. The deep bass, the firm hand-clap, the hi-hat, the timeless atmosphere and the finely tuned tempo (on the upside) makes this track the perfect description of e-dub! This in all aspects close to perfect track actually follows another track entitled ‘Deploy’ that it is almost as good and it doesn’t stop there; consider the last track ‘Unendlich’ and you have a perfectly combined e-dub triptych.

If you’re remotely interested in electronic music or more precisely in e-dub (according to’s definition: found and nurtured in Berlin, Germany), you should investigate this album and label and if you happen to like e-dub, then I suggest you get this album right now without hesitating. ‘Compile’ is a strong contender for album of the year, without question (not that I’ve ever actually succeeded in choosing just one album, but never mind that).

In likeness with so many other newly produced albums it’s like an electronic decoctation which has slowly been trickling down through layers of layers of ever-improving hardware and finally after all these years, are meeting the expectations of my ears harshly tutored in the era of lo-fi hissing C-90 music cassettes.

*You may belong to the part of the World that lack electricity, computers, Internet connections or may be occupied with more pressing matters, like basic survival for example, you may or not be living in the so called developing World and if that is indeed the case, you may not share these sentiments of Internet's contributions to mankind, however, nomatter where you live, please consider letting art lead the way.