It will be as good as supposed to or as can be and you will not be disappointed. You will get it un-listened/pre-ordered because you can trust that it will not disappoint. It is a special thing.

I know I will be more than happy with this release. It’s a long wait thought.. I really like the cover art too, I guess I’ll just have to wait, until December 15th, 2023.

Which is kind of fitting since I’m surrounded by people that only have one thing to actually do – and that is to wait…

The actual thing? Ah, yes… it is by: Bersarin Quartett.

The fifth album (I was under the impression that the fourth was the very last, so this, the 5th will be a joyous event to me and many others I trust) releases on: Denovali Records and that would be the forthcoming: Systeme.