Always From The Top… I always used to play from the top.

– Meaning?

– From the beginning and forward. I always played the very beginning of a track, I always played the intro.

– Why?

– Because that it is how it begins. The track is a unit; produced by someone for a purpose. It’s not 06:53 by chance is it? Beginning, possible middle and an end. It’s a composition.

– But, you cross-faded, right?

– Of course I did. However, I never have, I never will start playing a track mid-in… because I’m not a DJ… I don’t listen to music that way, I’m a collector/listener. I played music.

I always have been and I always will play from the top. I also happen to dance and you need some time before it all happens… you listen and you do need the intro. Fast paced music. It’s just science and a jumble of things, I guess.

– Seriously, did you always play the intro? AFTOP?

– Yes. Always. Trust me.