Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background [Over/Shadow – OSHLP01, 2023]

D+R what can I possibly say or add? Or wait a minute. I can quote user slicksicksix:

Exemplifies what I love about Angry Angas…

8* tracks by a Genius.

  1. Timebomb 06:01
  2. Poseidon 05:53
  3. Clash of the Titans 05:22
  4. Duttydrum 06:25
  5. Reinforced 05:19
  6. Fall of an Empire 05:34
  7. Scatter 05:17
  8. Birds of Paradise 05:58

So, I guess it is only natural to suspect that Reinforced is directly aimed at: The Vandal.

Ref.: Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background
Please see: Dom & Roland, Over/Shadow and

* The download version on the label website includes two bonus tracks taken from OSH022 (I realised just about now… now I’m gutted and a tad bit angry)…