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Randall The Vandal IV

Brand new dub plate. You cjan’t delete. Dat’ mean we chrush dem’ completely. Bad boy, and that’s no secret. In the session they get killed so easy. Somebody say “Reload”. Hey, Randall?! Someone say “Reload”!!! So we say, die, dieeia, dieeia little souwnd boy, now you die. You should neva’ have tried. If a dub… Continue reading Randall The Vandal IV

Randall The Vandal III

Any of you muddy DJ:s out there, stop right now! Because Randall will crush you. Unknown MC, May 2020 Playing the beats of the streets. Randall, May 2020 Again… it is impossibly hard mixing by: The R, Oh my Lord! On rinse.fm 106.8FM goes without a saying. The Isolation Sessions’ will be something to remember… Continue reading Randall The Vandal III

Randall The Vandal II

It’s just like that. Nuff said! No Hope, No Dreams, No Love, My Only Escape Is Underground. “Somewhere in Detroit.” @ Underground Resistance.

Randall The Vandal I

Impossibly hard mixing by: DJ Randall, Oh my Lord! It’s just too much… but don’t get me wrong it is brilliant! At the same time it is completely destroying everything… I cannot even leave my own home, my calm, cool and collected day, without a rewind in all tranquility? Why? It is called drum’n’bass (or… Continue reading Randall The Vandal I

Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background [Over/Shadow – OSHLP01, 2023]

D+R what can I possibly say or add? Or wait a minute. I can quote bandcamp.com user slicksicksix: Exemplifies what I love about Angry Angas… 8* tracks by a Genius. Timebomb 06:01 Poseidon 05:53 Clash of the Titans 05:22 Duttydrum 06:25 Reinforced 05:19 Fall of an Empire 05:34 Scatter 05:17 Birds of Paradise 05:58 So,… Continue reading Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background [Over/Shadow – OSHLP01, 2023]