The “Elvis Presley” Of France Passed

December 9th, 2017 Comments off

“Johnny Hallyday”, the obscure musician gets a state funeral and halts everything that is France? A live transmission an entire day?

I have never seen that before, I have never seen that many people on Place De La Concorde ever. My grandmother took cover in the very same fountain in the 1920’s.

More numerous than in 1998 and that was the bicentenary mind you… It is remarkable.

It is clear that people/humans are searching for something common beyond what is simply material.

Musically? It is obvious that it is not “quality” of the produced that is at hand here.

It is most likely a question of raw emotions. The sentiment of something lost. Something important that we’ve all lost. The collective searching for a lost feeling…

It is also so very French. Evropa. Strong emotions, real emotions overflowing and manifested (physically) in (pure) language. It is overwhelming. The old Evropa. Still so religious 2000 years later? Formed the continent with extreme violence and fueled by ideas. Ave Maria.



This Man Deserves An Award

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

M. Kellerman needs to be awarded right now!

Maybe, just maybe he can restore the honour of culture Sweden? Please don’t fail me now.

Whatever medal or honorary you have in store. Honorary doctor?

But, please do it now. Before it is to late and you’ve ruined it all beyond repair.

You may consider the British muscian named “Klute” as well. Make something up if there is no category.

What about: services rendered to humanity? Instead of Haag and the depressing tales of humanity that takes place there?

Acute contemporary; truth/observation/art and being hilarious at the same time?

The man is a f**ing living and breathing miracle.

Give him an award right now! Any award. Jag säger prisutdelning nu!

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What You Get For Being Young

August 25th, 2017 Comments off

Is it the referee, reference or the relevance that stirs my soul? I don’t know.

I wish that I would have reversed the listening order tonight. No, that is not true. I would have been totally fu***d up, no matter how the tables were turned.

Exceptionally good music. Jazz references? Ambience? Suzanne Kraft? Naturally, it is a man based in the Netherlands. I never seem to learn anything. I think the birthday boy told me to shut up, just now.

Normally, that would have zero effect. I guess that you only turn 40 once in your life and that there can only be one best album of the year.

It revealed itself appearing on the side line, but it will get noticed.

I really like electronic music, I mean, I really like every aspect of it. The Album.

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August 25th, 2017 Comments off

I am sorry, you were saying?

The album is called “Pessimist” by “Pessimist” (that is really amusing by the way) released on the Blacker Than Black label.

Do you have questions? Good. I have some too.

Seriously? That is simply not fair, not to an old man it is not.

What does it all mean? Programmed breaks and bass culture (it does not work like that. Nothing works like that… it is the same and yet it is different.

True equality (interesting very few sisters, but that another story…) among peers. The followers of bass if you will.

“Bloom”, composition and production f**ks me up (machine-music used to be limited to machine performance) in a very much total way.

So, the sound is folding into itself, reaching toward the origin. The sound is going back to its US roots? Yet, there can not be anything more quintessential than drum’n’bass. “- But the World is Global now! You can not claim that.” It is a

Let’s not forget, Photek, Dom & Roland, J Majik, Seba, Krazy, Source Direct, Doc Scott and many others did do so with other equipment.

That is correct. I write my own history, but that does not necessarily mean that I am incorrect.

Bass? Used to be differentiated: Miami, East, West, Chicago or Detroit? The Scandinavian sound, Rotterdam compared to London? Berlin?

No, this is not an nationalistic rant (it could be, but I am not in the position to do such a thing).

Global, as long as I can recognise it? What does this entail? Well, art does not look the same and music does certainly not sound the same. Maybe geographies/culture has something to do with that or? Maybe geography actually as an impact.

Finally i would like to point that the very idea that “geography = environment” would/could have an influence on the human mind is simply ridiculous. Rationality. That is it.

Many words. But no one, I mean no one escapes Doc Scott. I did not need nor did I demand proof. But, I do believe that the score is settled now?

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Take Care Of Them

August 24th, 2017 Comments off

At first it always looks so straight forward and easy.

Recovery in Spanish (I don’t read Spanish).

It is just another machine and it is like every other machine? Right? It is never like that. Everything was made to do something? The World is a machine.

It starts and it stops. It talks in a different languages? The hidden complexity? It is an old argument? Indeed it is.

If consciousness is a physical product (if the networks of neurons in a human brain are creating it)? That network must be analysable?

If it is indeed a physical thing, then it should also be observable? Both in principle and in in detail.

I can touch the perimeter of my brain. My skull? It feels very physical to me. Yet, I can manipulate it quite easily and vice versa. No.

Then, there are major problems or issues or what not. Language, hardware or other problems. I may lack experience? Then, the nightmare starts. “A machine configured like that?”. Will it even start, will it boot? Did I back-up everything? Did I keep all of the +150 000 files? What will happen when I apply this executable?

The machine will eventually start if you haven’t made any mistakes and it is not broken. Otherwise it will not start. The backup alone took 8 hours. Downgrade and reinstall? Will it work or not? I don’t know, I’ll know when and if it reboots. Then I will know. I for one sure hope so.

So many hours spent. And the machine is still not ready. “Downgrading” took 8 hrs. Copy will take another 8 hrs… Many hours.

Let’s see… In 1983 or something like that and for many following years I just liked them, like “toys” (double meaning well, there was a taggin’ crew in Stockholm way back then… and their tag was “Toy”.

Will it boot (FYI: it did eventually do so)?

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The Cmd Center?

August 22nd, 2017 Comments off

It looks like this when operational.

Whatever you do, do not get involed in anybody’s personal hardware.

Not computer, phone or any hardware whatsoever, you will get in major trouble and it will take up a lot of your precious time. It is unbelievable. It makes me wonder…

As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with this particular computer. Apart from the battery and the charger.

I have replaced them all. The harddrive (it is a word that I really like, changed them in my MAC and Ipod though, SSD).

I switched harddrive and it was working fine. I switched back? Then, all hell break loose.

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This Is Something That I Have Never Seen Before…

August 21st, 2017 Comments off

The hard disc is functional, as far as I can tell.

No, I have never, ever seen this before. It will not boot or mount. It did boot and it was mountable externally.

Now? Nothing? I don’t know… I do know this. It is going to take a very long time to fix it.

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August 19th, 2017 Comments off

Never mind what Agent Orange or any other “authority” say.

The thing is, it is important, that it is not the current subject. The subject is “Unbalance”.

What do you mean by that?

– Well, musically. The music being produced now is very far from what the general public will ever hear.

They would understand it, but they will never hear until, not until it emerges in car commercials.

Where do the creators go? The orginators. The sound/look/stance/io/fragrance?

The level and sophistication? I don’t think the science is appreciated or understood.

America. The UK sound? The Bass is American now. It is as good as anything, but it is dominating. Old Europe. Invented it for sure. What? So, the best bass music is coming from America? But, that is not possible? Not America? Right???

– I have an old friend. And his motto has always been: “Music First”. Old like in 1985 old. I have not given it much thought the past two decades, the last one? It actually makes sense to me now. It only took me 30 years. Well, I did in a way understand it a bit earlier. Collector and possibly a little bit stubborn.

Wayne Shorter got the Polar Price! About time, they are almost all gone. Give me a f***in break (feel free to count the stars…).

It is always complicated.

Picture: I don’t know. Jr. would have to know. It was yet another experiment. It was supposed to be a random picture (with a very short time frame). It is not a picture of a flower or a car? Then again the context is framed: father, music and bass. It narrows it. The bass sneaker? So, pop goes the other way? That is my son.

I could never have been a prouder father. Ever. That is my boy.

Eternal bass, “Le tam-tam”. It will live on forever.

To have the freedom to make and listen to whatever you want to. It is not a given freedom.

That is more or less the point.

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Panthera Leo

August 19th, 2017 Comments off

It is a Lion = very big cat.

Picture: Kruger park in South of Africa.

What a majestic creature/picture.

Sneak peak? Q: “- What have you ever done for our people?”

Yes, someone asked me that a long, long time ago. The answer is very complex.

Parts, “But, we do not even originate from the same country or not the same people?”.

I know my history, my father and mother? What do you mean?

It is in all aspects a very offending question and it was an unforgivable one. That is was sistema-B and pressure do to people. That I can forgive.

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What If?

August 19th, 2017 Comments off

You are at a party that you don’t want attend?

It can happen, but what are you doing there to begin with and why do you not leave? You are ill dressed (in my opinion) and looks more or less like a clown (“pajas” it is so much stronger)?

What if, you are talking loudly to the person that you rather would be with on your phone?

What if, I still don’t want to hear your personal conversations and I find offending and rude?

What if, you are actually or should in any event be an adult and you still don’t understand what it means to be an adult?

Honestly, is this the first time in your entire life that you have been corrected by an elder? If that is indeed the case, I do apologise, because the chock must be tremendous! However, not even a divine creature can save us now!

There are other individuals in the World (surpricingly many). You are not the sole existence in the Solar system/Universe. There are many others and most of them, not all of them don’t care what you do.

So, social security and stability, free education and benefits are not enough? Moder Svea (“Mother Svea” = Sweden) as she stands is not enough?

That scares the hell out of me. It could entail that it is not possible at all, that civilisation (not to be confused with empire) is not possible under any circumstance.

That the fundament itself is flawed? It is in fact humanity that can not support it, humanity is innately chaotic (I know that) and it can not be educated? It is a 2000 year cycle?

Egyptians seem to hav suistained it a bit longer, but I would not place my trust in the survival civilation in Egypt.

No, Europe is the place. It is ending hug somebody, anybody.

What if, that is the right conclusion? Catastrophic, according to me…

Picture: that is my yard when the sun is setting.

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