I Did You Tell You?

April 29th, 2017 Comments off

Well, either you do know or you do not know? Right?

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Fab & Groove, Again, Really? Come On Man…

April 28th, 2017 Comments off

Yes, once again. Fab & Groove on the mighty, mighty and equally relentless rinse.fm.

Yes, I’m afraid it has to be said once more. I do apologise and I am in fact truly sorry.

Where? At: rinse.fm and that’s it, really. You got proper science right there.

You’ll have to be able to perform though… play like that. Deliver and withstand the pressure decade after decade…

It is similar to standing very close (or too close) to the fire. It is unreal and now I can understand (not really) why it is so hard to understand.

It’s just… very hard to explain. I guess, it is the same thing as always; feelings and memories. Nostalgia and future at the same time? Is that the definition of a contradiction? Well, yes it is the definition.

It’s like wearing a full snow-suit in Brixton (no photographs to prove it (pre-mobile), but it happened and you just have to trust me on that)? I remember that I had a hard time getting a cab that night and I was flustered… Go figure?

Admittedly, I was stretching it a bit (I did not wear a face mask* at the time, but I have done so at other occasions why? Well, the obvious answer is Altern 8), but in the end it was all OK and an excellent night out.

Today? Not possible, so something has been lost. In translation/process and I for one miss it. A lot… I am bored to death.

I do believe there is a word designated for all that. The thing missing in my life. And that word is: Freedom!

Completely unrelated I never really had any reason to question the directionality of time. However it is not given (if you think about it). And I’m not going to this “time” (amusing is it not?) either.
Because, to men, women and children it is unequivocally directional (already derailing, so why not? If the concept of time is so hard to comprehend. Then the extreme mathematical interpretation of “reality” seems more and more plausible. The “World”, our world that is, is in fact a 2-D hologram projected upon what we experience as the “real” 3-D World+ I’m not skilled enough in mathematics, but based on pure emotion… it do all makes sense to me.).

* Did you…? Yes, I did wear shorts in the middle of the winter (and it was cold as h*ll…). Were they knee-long? Yes, of course they were but still extremely chilly.

Mm, I think I am done. This will suffice… for now. Worldwide. Now?

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So Speaks Galactus!

April 28th, 2017 Comments off

Wait, that is not my fault? He may speak somewhat oddly, but he is Galactus right?

It is Galactus and I can not possibly do anything about that?

He is one of the oldest beings in the known universe. Stemming from a time before the big bang…

It is possible that even you would be a bit grumpy after 15 000 million years of existence?

I for one listen to Galactus, I always have and I always will do.

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No, Justice Will Not Be Served Today… Either

April 25th, 2017 Comments off

No, the verdict will not be cast or executed today. Or maybe it was…

I happen to own the Swedish version (No 7, 1985, Spindelmannen) of the comic that they (partly) used to make the film: “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer”. It is a catastrophic interpretation. The Silver Surfer is not even present in the “original” story…

Well, it is not the original story, rather it is several different stories combined and not in a good way I my add.

The main story however, is when Galactus comes to Earth (to feed) and Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Thor and Iron Man, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and the rest of The Avengers to name a few all join forces to fight him.

And they do all fight Galactus until they realise that they actually have to save him in order to save Earth.

The mystery is why these stories “have” to be rewritten at all? Why rewrite and exlude Terrax and include Silver Surfer that was the one to take Terrax place? The original narrative is existent and thorough. Trust the story. Don’t destoyed everything. In the name of the Lord, get your (the) story right.

Galactus is an eternal being? Meaning that he’s very old and he does not take sides (he is neither good nor bad, is that a piece of Americana ambiguity)? Galactus was “born” before the Big Bang and he is an extremely lonely entity… With that striking visual apperance and powers… the missfit “cloud” in the film is… what happened to the planet-eating-machine? 100000 hrs of CGI spent on the Hulk. 0 seconds spent on Galactus?

“They” managed to completly destroy, not only the story but in the process my all-time favorite Marvel character: “Galactus” (I could not even understand that it was Galactus, even though I read the comic countless times… and I had to see see the movie three times before I understood). I have the very same comic book in my hand now.

Spiderman has been destroyed, alongside Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin and countless other characters (I did not read X-men at the time, 1985 or so).

But, Galactus… that is a just a crime. Basically, all of my “American” childhood comic book memories have been destroyed and exploited in a way that is simply put appalling.

Even the Judge has been compromised… I may have to rethink some stuff. Apperantly “Tank Girl” has also been made into a movie (I have not seen it)?

Did I mention Daredevil and Electra? No? So, basically only Cloak & Dagger are left? Sure, there are some others and some other stuff, but I will not tell you.

But, Galactus… that is a just a crime. Even the strange, mighty, moody and all so powerful Galactus?

Relateded/unrelated: “Ghost in the Shell”… Donc, dans un mot… c’est terminé. Please… don’t. Have mercy.

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Angels Fall On Your Head?

April 14th, 2017 Comments off


But, what does it mean? Surely, if angels fell on your head? It would be an undesirable thing?

It is Poetry by be the musician “The Vizier Of Damascus”. Angels falling on my head? No, I don’t like the sound of that. Angels are fierce and supernatural entities.

Mm, I don’t know or rather can you misunderstand it? Anyhow the track is called “Lectures”.

“Read your history. Clowns wearing gowns and frowns in my ghost town”? Apart from being pretty smart, true and harsh. It is also quite frightening.

That is an odd 20 years ago? “Clowns wearing gowns and frowns in my ghost town”?

Why not read up on a bit of history? Well should we not? It’s not going to happen is it? 20 years ago. And the misery of the World is not related to the lack of historical knowledge?

I have heard that story before… in a different language “Les phantoms”. Way back when I was a little boy and I can assure you that it is well beyond 30 years ago. My father told me more or less the exact same thing.

I did say that I like the track “Lectures” a lot? “Angels Fall On Your Head?”…

That is… simply poetry.

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It Is Truly Indescribable / Unimaginable

April 14th, 2017 Comments off

No, not even I will attempt trying that. However, if you happen to not know? You know nothing. This is the very source. The orgin of everything (musically at least). Seriously? 1962? Clearly it was made by people who believed in something? What happened I wonder. The push? Unreal music. You need to believe to be able to play like that? Either you know or you do not know. The man died 1965? I was not even born then. Denial? OK. But, I say music first. Again. Tributed to the one and only DJ Krazy. Damn.

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Closed The Shop

April 14th, 2017 Comments off

Who closed the shop, exactly? Well, DJ Youngsta (don’t be lazy, you will find the set) closed the shop. Is it UK? Mm, yes naturally it is UK.

Is it excess? Yes. it is the definition of excess. There’s just no way around this set. I don’t know what to say. Shop closed.

“Dreader Than Dread” and “Digital Dread”?

However, that is not even funny. If you ask me. Not in my World it is not. Destroyed. Again.

And then there is the mighty “R”. The master. You know or you don’t…

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Wait, Hold Up, Honestly? What Did You Think Would Happen?

April 12th, 2017 Comments off

“You was much cooler back in the day…”. F & G 2017. For the record that’s more than likely the truth right there.

The “model”? Well that would be my absolute pride and joy!

And I am not going to comment the apparent triple irony (what the t-shirt actually reads), wait… I may have just have done so. If so my deepest apologises…

Is this not at all amusing? Again, I do apologise. The sensation? That uneasiness, that you may or may not be feeling?

That sensation (it is a rhetoric trick, repetition (it has been used for thousands of years and yes, it still works)) is called… life. Have you heard about it?

You know, the thing that we all do? The thing that is is not all that enjoyable at all times, but is at most instances thoroughly enjoyable most of the time.

You know? Ya’ll get me, right?


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It Was Known In 1997?

April 11th, 2017 Comments off

This is a totally unexpected scenario!

And I do mean completely unexpected. I have quite a vivid imagination, but this surpasses even that.

The stupid battery entities prove them selves at last.

In a non-related incident. I turned of the main power to my entire flat*. But my (battery-powered and at all times connected device is still functioning.

Yes, so what? But, I was listen and listening to a “Pod-cast”? It is all-is-cached and downloaded to my machine?. I’ve got an e-mail diploma (true story, I do have a diploma in using e-mail) from the nineties?

However, the little one? He barely flinched. The computer and game went down for sure, the phone was working for a couple of hours. The minimum is two screens at any time. You may want to think about that.

* I was aiming for a complete blackout, but did it work though? No, it did not.

So can it or can it not be done? Did tech stop that option? Hmm, I been there twice already in my life and that is in one lifetime…

Finally, why 1997? Is that significant? No, that’s is a completly randomly chosen year. It seemed fitting because the year of the Lord is 2017. An even number, no other reason really.

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Dreader Than Dread?

April 8th, 2017 Comments off

That is just so 2017.

Prepending, aspiring to or trying to be more, or overcoming or even surpassing the Dread? That is not possible. There is no “Dreader than Dread”. Dread is… Dread. I like the tune though. I really like “Digital Dread” too.

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