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How is this possible? It hurts to look at it. Who/m took this decision? It may be the worst decision in Stockholm’s entire history?

No, it is the worst decison ever. Depriving +35000 people from a view. Is this really happemimg?

Toplogy? There is nothing higher, apart from Högdalstoppen? A yes, not if you are looking from North to South… a question of perspective? Shame on you.

Tessin (I think) wanted to demolish the entire “Gamla stan” and remodel it a la Paris (not a bad idea actually).

“Södra station, Globen, Hammarbysjöstad, Sickla and Skarpnäck (it used to an airfield)” are truly poor examples of architecture/urban planing. Module/lego buildings and so poorly built. Will they even stand 25 years? And now this? Liljeholmskajen?

My guess is that there are not that many architects involved to begin with. I mean who would let an engineer design something to begin with? Buildings are rather big things?

Poor you.

If you live in paradise? In the World. You would not or should not destroy it?

Look at it! Look at the disaster! Stadsarkitekt, skönhetsrådet or anyone… you are destroying the city, my city our city. It may look acceptable from the other side. From the inner-city? Have you set foot on the “other side”?. An impossible missplaced building. It could have been 400 meterers tall. “It doesn’t matter it so close to the railway.”

I have never ever seen anything like it. I don’t understand it. Is there an idea, a theory behind this building? Is it a shield against noise emerging from the rail tracks and bridges? What is the building? Is it anything? It is clad in white and grey shiny stuff?

I do know one thing. It is a catastrophe. It may be the worst building ever, actually I believe that it is the worst building in Stockholm though out history.

“Alla kan tralla” What do you mean? These are constructions that must have been orchestrated by the Dark Lord himself. And I am not an architect. I am an citizen. I knew (before it was built, why? I take an interest, I care…) the end result? This surely must be the most misplaced building in my country’s history.

No, it is the most unsuccessful building of all time. How? The view from that building? It is surpassed by any other building in Stockholm. You will not get a better view ever. In Stockholm? It is priceless.

The Rastas’ say. “Straight is the road to destruction.”, “A true Rastaman…”.

I’m just trying to find the responsible… again look at the photo. Sun used to set there. I could look in to infinity… it is unacceptable. Babylon. The view from the 14th floor in the new building?

This is my home. I have lived here my life. Liljeholmskajen? So, now I can’t see Årstaviken?

It is too late again.

You say: “Vamp A Dub” and I say: “Tedious”. Lee “Scratch” Perry says both!

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Dub Fi Dub

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It started like that and it will end like that.

!War in a Babylon! Tribal war in a Babylon!”

“I’m a gonna put on an iron shirt.” Please don’t get confused, it has always been like this, the mysterious Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Black Ark leading the way. Dub has always lead the way. Always.

It will be the reels, the compression and the true bass culture. The repetition? That is dub! You can not escape it. Letting the drum and bass lead? Do you really think that is invention? What do you think? How do you imagine that the “first” music sounded like?

It is clear that the drum is older, much older. The drum has nothing do with pop(oular) music at all. It is a misconception. It did made it global, however global has nothing to do with righteousness.

The drum and bass? They may be “spiritual” things. What the hell does that mean? Well, if you really listen to Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor or Drum’n’Bass I think you will understand. Le tam tam.

I say; “Tedious” by Lee “Scratch” Perry. I can not even express in words… it may be important or not, but this music is from the mid-70’s. Before current technology. The basis of all modern bass based music (I do like repetion). “Lead the children to the promise land”. The Dub is sublime.

And maybe it so? I don’t know. The promised land? That would be where exactly? Is it Jerusalem. Israel? Where is it located precisely?

Picture: The Lion of Zion.


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The Major of Section 9 has purple hair!

“Your Ghost is yours. Remember that.”

Everybody knows that?

“Ghost in the shell” and “Linda och Valentin”?

My guess? Next up is “Evangelion”… and what about “Fahrenheit 451”, “Foundation”, “A Brave New World”, “Summer Wars” or “Akira”

And some others, but I will not tell you. It is still very strange to me. Them vampires are sucking the fresh and warm blood. Babylon.

For the record Logicomas are blue or red, they are not grey or square and they would never ever, ever hurt the Major. That is simply ridiculous.

OK. In the original one, yes I do know that the Major was indeed attacked by one. and I do know it was not a logicom that assaulted the Major, however it was still not a square oned.

Logicomas are Kawaii… how could anyone miss that? Last but not least, OST, the music. Why? How is that even possible?

Les Americans…

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Det Är Över Nu

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R. Funcken has closed the book, for the last time.

What do you mean? I mean and say this is it. The book is closed.

Of course it would have to be R. Funcken, since the 1990’s.

I am not complaining, it is just to much… I’ve been listening/looking my entire life, then enters “Prey Anthom” in 2017? Ending it. I don’t want to talk about it.

What the hell am I going to say? Do you have any idea of how that track sounds in my headphones or speakers? The bass and textures.

What could I possibly have to say about that? Now, that is overstretch.

Picture: The river “Le Vernazobre” in Southern France. Believe it or not it looks exactly like that. But, the sounds and the heat are not present. It is a photograph and it was taken in June 2017.

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The One And Only, The Master – Bloid Fraxton

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So, you may simply not like it, you don’t understand it or you don’t know what it is?

Honestly, I have not heard anything sounding like this, ever. I have never heard bass as crisp like this. Not with that depth, detail and level of compression? I know that it is Roel Funcken.

What? Wait, how is that even possible? I do have other headphones now, the are powered by an in-built amplifier, but that’s not it. The push, the cleanness of the sound. It is evolution.

I am talking about the music. I actually believe that there are several subjects (not all musical) that are really closely related and furterhmore it would seem that many of the “politacal/religious” ones are confusing many of them.

Just to be clear. I really do not mind “blind belief” and basically any religious practice is fine by me given that everyone else can retain the right to their own beliefs.

The practise must not be a destructive one. Basically, do not hurt others in the name of your own chosen practise.

Howver, this is not something new. One of the many wars that have raged in Europe, is the so-called 100 year war. A war that last for one hundred years? There are shorter versions, in Sweden, it is known as the thirty year war. They were “religous” wars… (the first and second World wars, they were “ideolgical” wars… guess what the third one will be about?).

Please, take an interest in our history.

Then is when it gets really complicated… because that is well before the idea of unconditional equality, freedom of speech and religious practice, as in always and without exception. But, is that not politics, again? Well, organised religious practices are politics, that is a know fact? Right?

The thing is that I don’t think that any of the current organised religious practises will/can/or want to fulfil that crucial condition. That would be freedom of speech.

Not liking something is an action. However, just not liking something on pure principle, ignoring any kind of fact, understanding or willingness to achieve that is something completely different… that is ignorance and ignorance is just not acceptable. We simply have to make an effort. We need to try harder.

The music? R. Funcken is holding it down. Somehow still finding ways to increase the compression and continuing pushing his machines and the sound. I can not believe what I am hearing. It is so impressive.

The sounds out of Rotterdam (I have been to Amsterdam in my youth, but I have never been to Rotterdam) are unbelievable.

It’s electronic music at a level that is beyond description… From Funckarma’s inaugural release (I need to verify that): “Resonator (Live In Paradiso)” from 1998 on DUB?

The current EP is here: This is the place. “Bloid Fraxton”? I mean listen to it? In any event I’m giving you a fair warning.

My 10000 edits of this text? Well, the reason? It has to be close to perfect… is that an obtainable objective? Probably not, the deep irony is that there simply are not enough words in this World to describe it.


Do You Call Yourself…

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…a DJ? That’s fine by me. But, think twice and listen to this set. No premix, no tricks, no editing, it is live mixing and it is being served a la minute.

Are you sure that you can actually do this? The art of Dj-ing? It is hard work, nothing like an automated playlist. “Alla kan tralla?” Please listen to the demonstration by the one and only DJ Krazy.

The jazz stuff? You will be digging in the crates for a very, very long time to find that. Classic samples all trough the night.

The slap bass? I am happy to have I lived in a time where there the concept of “soul music” actually meant something.

I claim that culture and mass consummation is not the same thing. If the mass, consumes culture? In most instances that is a positive thing. Then again, there must be something to consume? Someone has to create it?

A football player costs 200 000 000 EUR just in order to change team (my father was a professional football player) or a digital artefact, in a game, a “skin” can be worth 3000 EUR? But what about the nurses, doctors, police men/women, social workers, teachers, street sweepers and all other care takers?

Picture: well, that’s my very own record player. It is a Technics SL-1210MK2. I did have a Technics SL-1210MK3 in my possession a long time ago, but I was forced to sell it (not a good deal).

Q: Will you ever sell your 1210?
A: No, I will never ever sell my 1210.

As far as I know they went out of production years ago. The quality and iconism (mm, I made it up), the iconic status? This is a sell that will never happen.

It is a, complete original, including the packaging, fittings and manuals and currently equipped with a XXX needle.

It represents an entire culture. An object that is literally priceless and I am taking it to my grave. I own it. It is mine and it is the machine that plays my physical records.

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Arguing Over GB?

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It is 2017? It could have been: 1977, 1987, 1997 or 2007, but it could never have been 1967? I was not born then and it could not be 2027 because that, is still in the “future”.

GB? The argument? Well, it is not Great Britain, Brexit or any like that.

It is downloaded data per month via mobile phone, 25 GB over a two month period that shocked me. I thought that the handling was under under control, but it obviously was not. +20 GB is costly. Not forgetting adding the price of the ridiculously priced phone.

I really don’t like the phones.

I never have and I never will, now they’re small, fiddly, costly, have ridiculous small screens and they’re the smallest computers ever. On-top of that they’re called “smart”. Devices driven by “business”.

My grandfather had one, exactly like in the picture, sitting on his big oak desk. It was replaced and they took it away. The telephone vanished. That is progress. My grandfather was a business man.

What? My phone is a portable computer? It tracks me everywhere and all of the time? Even when I turn it off? Why should I care?

I don’t want / can not / don’t analyse the traffic of my son (I am not an Intelligence Service and there is nothing more important to me than the principle of absolute integrity).

Google is YouTube? And Ebay is Paypal? Does that not bother you? At all? In my home I got a 100/100 internet connection and three wireless nets. I can download whatever I want and have space for whatever I want.

Streaming? “- You have 32GB of storage on your phone? Why don’t you download the music that you like an listen to it locally? Instead of streaming it?” The concept of paying for something you don’t actually own is strange in combination of the unwillingness to to accept the complexity of the technology.

However, it does not seem to be tekno to me in any sense, if your connection vanishes you have… nothing?

No, I got copies of everything and my collection does not reside in the “cloud”. Multiple hardware copies, disconnected from the Internet and the power grid. My collection is on multiple discs.

You would need to find me in order to find my copies. It is my data and where ever I go my data will follow.

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Gaia Is Not Pleased

August 2nd, 2017 Comments off

And she is showing it quite clearly. I was pretty sure that it is summer and that we’re in very early August anno domini 2017?

She? If you don’t know? Well, she is called Mother Earth?

By the way, if there’s indeed gender in this case, that would seem quite strange, but for the sake of the argument.

If there was indeed a possibility to determine such a thing concerning planets and other things like deity?

Determining the gender of a deity, boat or planet? Well, is it not just a faulty human perspective? All humans are quite alike and have been through out of time.

Humans are still trying to redefine themself and avoiding the looking-glass of history that defines their very existence. Acceptance?

Here comes the kicker, what if we defined us as humans? What if we defined us as humans with equal rights and responsibilities. What if we did not define us based on percieved diffirences, but on the common? What if we defined us based on what we all have in common?

The idea of innovation? That has been going on for at least, forever.

Do you honestly believe that the omnipotent, all-knowing and divine one… is of male gender?

That the “all-knowing” is an old man? A “gubbe”?

Why, would anyone ever assume that? Surely, there must have been some kind of gigantic misunderstanding along the way? No one can truly believe that?

An old man? An omnipotent, all-knowing and divine controlling the life and destiny of: 7 523 105 000 living people?

There’s a reason why the so-called native people (it is such a bizarre concept and there’s even apparently a list: List of indigenous peoples, I will not address that right now. I’ll leave it as food for thought.) call us: little brothers!

Patiently and with the uttermost dignity waiting for the rest (us) to understand something and change our ways. They are waiting for the little brothers and sisters to finally grow up and take care of our mother.

Not far from where I live there are two major motorways. There are 100 000’s vehicles passing on them every hour, every day all year along. It just doesn’t make sense. 365 days a year. I’m actually (!) surpriced that private motoring exists at all. 25 years ago I was convined it would be quite different. What do you know?

The notion that a majority of the World’s privileged population still do not recognize Gaia’s discontent (the climatic changes) or the fact that anyone* can deny it to begin with is simply beyond my mental capabilities. It is truly mind-boggling.

“La bêtise est fantastique.”.

It has been known since the 1960’s, that would be regarding the climatic changes not the little brothers and sisters. That’s a much longer history I’m afraid.

*Agent Orange is not excluded, that would be the current President of the United States.

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As Long At It Will Last

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Freedom of speech.

Looking for the perfect beat? The best bass music in the World? I own it and I can still look. I don’t have to take any consideration what so ever regarding: what I listen to, write, read or look at.

And I more or less know how to read and write. I want those rights and responsibilities (including the bass pressure) to be available to junior?

But, how can I assure that my boy and all the other young ones will have that same opportunities? As a matter of fact I can’t and that poses enormous problems to me.

Actually there are a number of factors that would suggest something completely different. I will not go into details and I hope that I’m erroneous. I am still extremely worried.

The worst thing that can happen to Democracy is when the majority takes it for granted. When the majority forget that there are obligations and responsibilities along with the universal rights. It stops working under all other conditions. And this is not mere “theory”, it has happened countless times throughout history.

I would like to join Jadakiss in his salute without hesitation whatsoever. I can’t do that. It is not an option.

Chemical fires burning in my neighborhood? Second night in a row? Crying like a baby am I? Yes, that is true, but I’m from Stockholm and I am not used to chemical fires. I’m not used to cars burning.

Carry on. Mm, but remember that I have been telling you.

Chemical fires, cars that are being burnt.

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I Forgot About Marcus

August 2nd, 2017 Comments off

I must have somehow mentally suppressed the fact that Marcus Intalex passed away in May 2017?

Marcus Julian Kaye (1971-2017)

It is another tragic and tremendous loss. I cannot and I will not write about that.

I did not know him and I don’t think that I’ve ever met him, but I do know him in an other sense, through the music he produced, my music, our music and that would be: Drum’n’Bass. Art is greater than life.

Just to put it in perspective, it is has to be at the latest 1995. So what? Well, it is 2017 today right?

If you do a bit of subtraction? It will be a minimum of 22 years “Is it love or purely fantasy”?

I cannot have been a newborn when I first started listening? Not physically? I can’t recall crawling from the maternity ward directly to the dance floor even though the idea in it self is more than appealing. I am pretty sure I went to kindergarten and school as most of the people I know.

Solid State – Point Of No Return – Just A Vision – Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix – 2000
Total Science – Audio Works 04 – Warp 3 (TS Remix) – Marcus Intalex & ST Files- 2002
Klute – No One’s Listening Anymore – Make A Stand – Marcus Intalex – 2010
31 Recordings presents Future Beats: The Album – These Days – Marcus Intalex – 2014

Again. If you know or like it that’s fab. If you don’t? Well, then I guess you don’t but you could if you wanted to, right Bob?

Someone once told me that it is very important to be passionate and I could not possibly disagree with that statement/advice. It did provoke me: +25000 and 22 odd years later… it is possible that I’ve misunderstood things again. But the statement/advice still remains true.

The World is a pretty harsh place if you ask me. And life is… brutally “unfair” (now there’s a word that try really hard to avoid). Actually it supports the ancient Greeks and Romans view of things. Surprising? I would have to say yes, however what really surprises me is the unwillingness. What do you mean by that? I mean the unwillingness to stand up for the sacred principal of all individual’s believes and convictions.

Important: it is not a question about who is holding the absolute truth. No man, woman or child will ever do so and as far as know I have never claimed that I did (for the record I am neither a child (that’s probably debatable) nor a woman…). In all honesty that propostion would be truly ridiculous.

Please be the greater woman/man and try to act dignified and civilised in these troubled times. Why? Because our very civilisation depends upon it.

“- Meeeeeeen J****************… (följt av en mycket djup suck) nu överdriver du!”.

Maybe, but I do know this for a fact, not everything in this World is personal and there is a bigger picture to consider. All actions count, no matter how small or big they may turn out to be. Every action will have a consequence, it may be foreseeable or not but it will occur nevertheless.

That is my belief, and obviously it does not apply to the obscurantists. The ones that believe that everything that happens is due to predestination. I respect that belief in principle, because I believe in the principle that allows that belief. That is my strongest belief. Freedom.

The obscurantists’ idea? I find it to be completely unreasonable, it is not supported by anything to be found in this or any other World that is within human knowledge or reach. Their whole concept is flawed. Why bother? Well, a crushing majority of fellow humans are guided by similar ideas in one sense or other.

It would not be a problem apart from one crucial thing. “My” system allows for and accommodates all other systems even the contradictory ones. The “Obscurantist” system does not even consider allowing anything else, not even variations of their own system. That is unacceptable. Are we off topic? You bet.

The core of democracy is an idea. The best human invention ever. Without it? I would not be reading, looking or listening to anything. I would have one book to read, if I could indeed read or I would be trying to kill everyone who was not reading my book. Fine. Except one thing that is simply not civilised.

It is very dangereous (according to me) to assume (anything really) that principles that took 4000 years to establish are for granted. Like the principles of true democracy, like the idea of equality among humans.

What, no not again? Yes, I’m afraid so. Fact: 20 years passed between the first and second World war. My grandmother and many others lived through not only one but two (2) World wars. If you can give me a 100% guarantee that it will never happen again, then I will not mention it ever again. I promise.

Finally: I may have made a joke… it was unintentional to begin with but naturally I did have to spoil it. So, no the heading is not referring to “Garvey” and it is most defintely not referring to Birro. I can not stress how important it is. The heading is in no way referring to that Marcus, alright? Actually there is a third refernce. It is a song.

Too many tracks. How does those clever smarty-pants fit now? They’re quite snug, no?

It has to “perfect”. The number of edits does not count. I really should cut, structure and edit this text. I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to leave it as is.

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