Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

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If you have (on that note: if you are known to have broken one or some, but never had it broken yourself? Then, ask yourself; are you really an adult person?) then you know it hurts. Badly. If you are an actual adult? It hurts even more.

What is this all about? Nothing special really.

Apart from the fact that I am actually heartbroken and… that there must be someone who is accountable, there must exist someone responsible for it all, deep, within?

It still does not make sense too you? OK. That is because it is completely unrelated. It is in no way, not even remotely connected to this mass of musically related texts. Honestly, in no way, what so ever. I promise.

However that does change the fact. This is Rotterdam’s sound, raw power. R Funcken delivers, once again.

The tracks from the forthcoming album are devesting and they are litteraly destroying everything in their path. But, you may ask. How can you say that again? How can you make that claim again? You may ask that very same question and you are very well entitled to pose the question. Come on, again? The same thing/claim/etc. so many years? And that may be a valid question. It does npt change the facts…

Firstly: just listen to it.

Secondly: one and a half decade of perfection. It was brilliant 2000 (from 1995 and…) do you really think it is going to be less so now? Think about it.

Thirdly: everyone needs to think about R Funcken.

”- How do you know this place even exist?
– I was born there.
– Why did you leave?
– I didn’t. I was.. taken as a child. Stolen.


It is a quote from a recent not that good film (definetlty nothing spectacular, but I do like it. It is fictional, but it is very close to my reality. Hence, I like it.)

It is so typical Roel Funcken. The start and the rest is excellent and you relax for a bit, then… something like ”Nefit Kraton” happens? The 2017 version of R Funcken is… unreal. It is just, so unreal. It is similar, kind of like getting your heart broken.

I dedicate this text to: CPH 2000.


PS. The picture? Chosen randomly by a third-person, i.e not my workings.

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It Is Like That, What More Can I Say?

February 2nd, 2017 Comments off

This is rumour control. And these are the facts… Horizons Music and breaks are eternal. “Yearning VIP”, “Tell Me”, “In Search Of” or “Uno”? People, lively up, come on!

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Whatever You Can Imagine

January 28th, 2017 Comments off

Damn, is that Southern slur I am hearing again?

Wut? Hold on and wait a moment, the best kept secret has been revealed? The sanctuary of bass has been exposed? 808 music? 21 Savage? No, this can not be happening. This is unreal music and the kids like it?…

Do you remember when you were a teenager? Either you are one now or you were one once before. That feeling of knowing everything and truly being the master of the Universe?

Some say that the World does not change and that is probably both true and false at the same time. The thing is, that the World and the people living in it are not the same.

That bass music would conquer the World? Yes, but that it would become global and something for the everyday woman and man? No, I could not have ever imagined that. My life, my obscure and underground music is now mainstream?

I have played music, but I did not expect my teenaged son (I have been waiting though) to present American bass music from Atlanta. I love it, but it is my son? I am not sure that I like the idea that he likes and listens to exactly the same music that I did/do such a long time ago.

What does it all mean? I do not know. However, I could never have imagined that either… has time really stopped and is the “loop” an actual fact? Does that mean that the lingering fear is… true? It is all an infinite loop?

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You Are More Than Welcome

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Whatever you choose to do in 2017 you need to listen to Erik Lundin.

And if you happen to be a non-Suedi ie. not speaking Swedish? Promptly find your nearest Swedish speaking friend (I am sure you have at least one) for a quick translation. It will be the best thing you have ever heard, trust me.

I probably should not mention it. The sample from “Ghost In The Shell”? Why? I don’t know. I do know the film/Anime very well. It is excellent, one of the best of all time.

Please try to remember that Africa is actually a very large continent. There is North, South, West and East. If you are from Finland you would not like to be mistaken for a Swede or vice versa? That being said West will be West.

Erik Lundin – Välkommen hem

It is just so good. Another generation and another level of excellence. Is this the best Swedish hip-hop EP ever? Yes, without a doubt, this is the best Swedish hip-hop EP ever produced. Is Erik Lundin the best of them all? Yes, currently Erik Lundin is the best of them all.

It is completely unrelated but my son’s second name was also my father’s name; “Ibrahima”. Why is that? Well simply because that is how he was named. My second name is my grandfather’s name, so I guess it is just what was previously knowned as tradition; that would be in the acient times, mind you.

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25 Years Or More

January 22nd, 2017 Comments off

It is not like I really needed any more arguments or reasons to go to the Bass capital of the World again (sorry all other contenders). Tate Exchange.

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Again, Honestly? You Need To Surrender Right Now!

January 22nd, 2017 Comments off

Don’t even try to resist. Because that would be completely futile and quite frankly it would be ridiculous. rinse.fm Really? Come on!

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If You Have Ever Wondered…

January 15th, 2017 Comments off

What is the big deal? Why should I (self-proclaimed master of the Universe) be concerned?

Why should I be involved or take part in an obscure musical genre that happened to become global? Well, I will tell you. This and this reason alone is sufficient. The breaks.

Once again it is the mighty Seba. “Stasis” on SecOps025 that is that exact reason. The digital creative force that is actually moving our planet forward.

The individual artists/persons contributing to all and everybody, they are being robbed and looted everyday? Yet, they still contribute to us all and do so every single day?

If they did not do that we would all be stuck with “Så ska det låta”, “Gladiatorerna” or really scary clowns imaginary or not?

Including the prospect that one of them (a clown, who started out with a million dollars), will actually become the president of an entire nation? A clown equipped with nuclear weapons? That does not sound like a great idea to me… but, then again what do I know?

This is my hommage to my heroes, the true heroes: all artists, writers, painters, designers, inventors and creators of the World!

Please never give up? I humbly salute all of thee!

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This is resurface.se …

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Music For The 21st Century Romantic

June 17th, 2016 Comments off

It has been a very long time and it is about time to write something… It is uncategorized for now, but I do got an idea.

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reboot_2014_2Happy New Year!
This is resurface.se …

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