Oj Oj, [Oi Oi], Nu Är Det Kört För Oss!

Mmm, Cause & Effect nu är det ta mig fan kört för oss… det är slutstationen för oss. – Jo, ja men vi skulle ju av här? – Nja, jag tror inte det. Lyssnat ett tag. Silicon Scally Cause & Effect? Rätt säker. Kört för oss och så. Slipper inte undan den här gången. Ingen… Continue reading Oj Oj, [Oi Oi], Nu Är Det Kört För Oss!

From The Past And Into The Future

These sounds are overwhelming. They’re in the collection, and you should not be surprised, really? Yet, I am… what is the relation between these two images? All and nothing. I own them both. What is an original idea/thought? “Someone” once told me: A truly original idea is hard to come by. There’s always (context), inspiration… Continue reading From The Past And Into The Future

Det Är 5 Meter På Bromsen

Det är full broms. Bakdäcket är låst och det är fem meter på bromsen. Bromsa fram? Lite, men nja, nu är det daxs att styra också, därför det är fem meter på bromsen. Låst/glidande/slidande i fart. Mörkt, minst tre barnvagnar (i bredd), amatör/pensionärs cyklister, mobiltittande och nedför. Måste styra också… Translation? Try: bike@resurface.se.

It Is Time

20 years? It took me a time to actually sign up… so I guess my: Joined on February 25, 2006 is somewhat of a late starter? The aim was and has always have been the same to keep track of the collection, no actually it is the love for the music, formats, details and the… Continue reading It Is Time

Hardware III

The Little Black Bear was kidnapped/stolen. This is his new companion* – it is a work in progress; rolling frame with frustratingly few parts missing right now. The season is about to end, but as Uncle Dugs said: “We’re getting there!. * Project 7005 aka Little Golden Puma.

The Mechanic

Dissemble. Never tried or done that before. It was ridiculously hard removing that rear wheel in the dark. Will have to strip, lubricate and rebuild it. I have never done that before. It is going on the bike. No gears and foot break (disgrace) to boot. All because the free-wheeling little black bear was stolen.… Continue reading The Mechanic