Yu Knows Why

I have landed knee; many times, hard, since I was a small boy. It hurts today (sometimes my knee does). The Princess knows why. Hard, hard landing and some horrific crashes. If you’re going to ride… carry as much speed as you can.

“- Can we help you? Are you hurt?”
“- No, and please don’t touch my bike! (That was actually uncalled for and quite rude. I do apologise for that.)”
“- We thought you died!!?”
“- Plz, don’t touch my bike.”

Ryde or die

When you do something on the very limit. Like riding a bike that you know or playing music. Free. If you’ve ever been on a bike and loose control, almost and then eventually you do or don’t.

Then you you know. Most times you don’t. You regain control; then you hit a curb or slide 45 degree sideways for an eternity… there’s no grip or control and you know it will hurt, eventually.

You don’t break, you continue peddling, and you carry even more speed. Balance, impossible stuff happens. You ride at an (impossible) angle. It is too late to break, way too late.

You get hit; bounce off and continue in one seamless motion. It takes fractions of seconds, constant revolution and you’re gone. Changed direction many times. Left-right? Fwd.

“- Do you have a death wish!!!!!?!!” (A girl leaning out a car window in the middle of the night.)
“- No.”

Did you not see the red flashing light thingy? The LED at the back on the messenger bag? Black-out/complete stealth. I cycle faster than you are driving… bouncing off side-walks. One chance/attempt moves like playing music, Living/alive in the moment of total freedom @Hi-speed. Then there’s:

this sound…