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Yu Knows Why

I have landed knee; many times, hard, since I was a small boy. It hurts today (sometimes my knee does). The Princess knows why. Hard, hard landing and some horrific crashes. If you’re going to ride… carry as much speed as you can. “- Can we help you? Are you hurt?” “- No, and please… Continue reading Yu Knows Why

Simply Yu

As stated in the title; one of the fastest in the cité. Plain and simple. And yes, I will race you! Please see: Yu For Short.

Yu In Red

Rear light fitted with fresh batteries; for visibility purposes. Please see: Yu For Short.

Never Seen One Functional II

I have yet to see one that is not out-of-order… never seen one that is not broken/malfunctioning. Ever! The door was shut closed and the sign read: LEDIG/UNOCCUPIED. – But, did you: TRYCK PÅ KNAPPEN/PRESS BUTTON? – Yes, I did. It was completely non-responsive. Ref.: JCDecaux SVERIGE AB. Coincidentally the same company is in charge… Continue reading Never Seen One Functional II

On My Bike’s Seat

Someone left this on the seat of my bike (Princess Yu). It may be a personal message or it may not be so. Once a long time ago I was given as similar message, but in person. I was looked straight in the eyes and was told: “- Look Mr, maybe you should start looking… Continue reading On My Bike’s Seat

Front & Rear

I got no breaks at the moment: front or rear. I grip front and hang on the handle… still no breaks (or break rear don’t want a puncture). You need to ride differently… 25 meters or more to actually stop? Foot down? It is uneasy riding. I want to stop on a dime. Can it… Continue reading Front & Rear