Front & Rear

I got no breaks at the moment: front or rear.

I grip front and hang on the handle… still no breaks (or break rear don’t want a puncture). You need to ride differently… 25 meters or more to actually stop? Foot down? It is uneasy riding. I want to stop on a dime. Can it still be done? Yes. However, it is not recommended…

A truck, Uber, Wolt, Foodora or an electric scooter will be there. I’ve fronted one… once. That is the Princess + me in weight head-on. 65 + 8 vs 75 + 50 = 78 <=> 125 kg. Head-on. I bounced off and I broke my break-handle (forged Alu), I tumbled mid-air, yet I walked away.

I bounced off in the fast curve in the cross-section. He turned in, I went right and he turned into me? Bad day, bad moment. Head on collision.

Princess Yu; always strong (frame) and fast enough.