That is…

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HK is no more… 2020-06-30 23:00 (GMT+8)?

“- They’ll never actually do that… because they can not afford doing that.”

However, they did do exactly that on the 30th July 2020. A cautious estimation a week in was that about 600 000 were suspected of having broken the (secret) law before it was instated.

The law will also apply to non-permanent residents and people “from outside [Hong Kong]… who are not permanent residents of Hong Kong”.

Please read the book(s) and try to remember the date. Because it is: business as per usual.

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This Is…

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This Is 3l3C7R0!

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What can I say? Since I was 13 years old. Is it a secret? Not really, I was born 1970, so that would be 1983.

Has it always been electro, I guess so, I danced and I was young. It is my/our music and it always been like that. It is special to me. Eternal and mine.

I did look for it a very long time. I searched more than a decade almost two. Why? I was not living in the right place. Then I found it… it is fanatic, it is not a good thing per se, it is what it is. Fundamental. Fundamentalism.

I was looking/searching for such a long time… close to 20 years. 3l3c7r0.

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Lost In Translation/The Really Hard Ones

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Assembly. Machine code. As close as you’ll ever get to a binary machine. Can you get closer? Maybe Fortran?

I am an analyst, not and nor will ever be a programmer… made it to the moon and back.

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I remember a long-forgotten myth, a mystical story about an equally mythical machine called the “Box”. Supposedly it was randomly generating “acid” noises (Roland 101, 303 and 808 sounds), opaque and shifting colours at the same time.

I have never ever saw one live, but then, much later someone told me that it was actually an existing tiny machine and that down at the Black Market three was one was in existence.

Called the box. I remember looking for one and seeking evidence of its existence. There’s a song called that. The “box” and there’s an excellent film called “Cube” No, it’s not called “The Cube”. It is in fact called “Cube”. Because wordings still matter. The only one to survive is…?

This is a different kind of machine. The Buddha Machine. I don’t own one and I never have. I think that I know someone who does. It’s a brilliant concept. Pure geniality, right there…

* – You can type fast… – Mm, practice and experience helps. – You can type really fast… – Yes, it was I do. Type words. You will type faster. I’m sure of it.

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The Unsung Heroins/Heroes Of The World

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  1. To many differnt…
  2. 2020 for sure. Helmet is hard. Stance is hard.
  3. Rember Support a free HK! I will not be going to the Republic any-time soon… always support free speech! You need to fight, it is your right!

I mean in the small studio all over the World. The most fantastic and amazing things are happening all the time. Where did Zzzzra go?

Geniality right there, E-dub on a level seldom surpassed. If ever? I would play it off the wall any day or night. And-If-Or? Yes, I misspelled the name and I did get upset… another story altogether.

And KMRU is from? All Internet or…

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I Most Certainly Concur

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It is easier if you know what it actually says… Phoenecia would know.

That would be my dear grandmother’s Latin dictionary… equipped with a Gothic typeface. It is a truly impossible read in the 21st century.

At one time there was an idea to make Latin a “neutral” official language in the EU. It did not pan out, so now we have broken “Hinglish” instead? A huge mistake according to me. What about Via Appia!? Coincidentally I have actually been to Brindisi (occurred to me just now).

Resurrecting Latin would have been über cool. The overall direction is wrong. Is it not? The notes are from the late 1920’s. I’m guessing 1927/28 or so… at the time a girl or possibly a very young woman.

OK. Enough with the dilly dally. Text reads: “Scientia Est Potentia” and that’s Latin to you and me.

Font: DS Fette Gotisch

Please see: Why Wordings Are [Still] Important.

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Hello? Is There Anybody Out There? Hello???

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What now?

The actual colour printer’s initial cost was 799,00 SEK (the entire thing including cabling and whatnot). However a replacement 15 ml black ink cartridge is 289,90* SEK or if you happen to desire colour printing it is a mere 399,99 SEK?

…just got to love mass consumerism and the whole system. I for one is just loving it!

* In fact it is a very long time since we actually had either 5, 10 or 50 öre (cents) coins, but never mind that. Buy 10 and get nothing…

Cost is what you pay, value is what you [actually] get**. If I’m not mistaken it is a quote by: Berkshire Hathaway’s strong man Warren Buffet. If I’m mistaken please don not start any legal processes.

** You are more than welcome to pay 1000 SEK or more for a “Happy meal” if your up for it.

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Like The Color + Childhood Memories

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Turtle Wax, Plastic Padding, Karlssons klister, RX lim and Biltema… would fix anything/everything in the early 70’s. Sitting on a quintessentially period 1970’s brown footstool. You betta’ believe that!

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