D’où Je Viens XXIX

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This is were I live. 96 apartments intended for students and a nursery school housed in the same building body? That is urban planning Stockholm 2020. Please see: The City for reference.

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Not Even…

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The little black bear was recently stolen, at Götgatsbacken on the 27th of August! Now I haven’t even got the pedals left. Will be sorely missed (if not found), naturally I am looking everywhere, but that is a close to impossible task with very few or no prospects of any success what-so-ever*.

In remembrance:

The Little Black Bear + Niche.
A Bathed Bear – Is A Happy Bear.
Little Bear + Msg.
Ride Or Die!.
Du måste… Diska Lugnare + DR + RR + AR + DB + ED + PR – RB.
The Original Title Was….
Täby And Return.
D’où Je Viens IX.
Project 7005.

* There are at the very minimum 86000 bikes in Stockholm. Source: Miljöbarometern. Most definitely related is: Vaa faaan…?.

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See For Yourself

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Light (photons) beams travel in straight lines.

Please see: Continuous Stream.

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Something Happened

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Big Mac®

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Have you heard of Sistema-B? Well, Sistema-M is differnet thing altogether.

Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometres (3.7 billion miles, 40.5 AU), as part of that day’s Family Portrait series of images of the Solar System.


Please see: Voyager 1.

Gaia is the Machine
God is the Principle

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Cleanest City In The World?

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It used to be and was known as an extremely clean city: Håll Sverige Rent.

The Foundation was founded in 1983 by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the company Returpack. Its origins, however, is in the Keep Nature Tidy campaign that was launched in 1963 by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The Foundation logotype was introduced at this time: the spruce forest reflected in a lake – a symbol for clean water and unspoiled nature.

However, that’s definitely not the case today. Unfortunately (it being my home town and all) there are so many things (maybe too many) that are not true about Stockholm any more.

There’s a lot to be said about this and I have many times before: history and education are key.

The “why” and the “what”. I was taught to throw my litter in a bin or keep it until one was found (which usually didn’t take that long). I was taught to bring all of my trash from the: park, woods, playing field, cinema, metro, bus, walkway, residential area, front door, school yard, table (not excluding my room) or any public area and bin it.

In order for it to be as I originally found it.

It is that the same principle applies to everything in my and any other society. As in a fundamental understanding of Democracy. There are: rights and obligations; individuality and equality; freedom and responsibility.

Point being? You need to learn these things and some one needs to teach you these things. Over, over and over again.

Not related. Yet, pictured again… D’où Je Viens XXVIII.

Yes, I almost forgot… the original observation was all of the garbage (æ) was behind the electrical cabinets. None of it was on the pavement or in the street. What you don’t see does not exist and/or will disappear. Kind of playing peek-a-boo with a small child. Now you see me, now you don’t.

That being said there are no litter bins to be seen for many meters, so maybe people in general like it tidy after all (if the trash is hidden and out-of-sight)?

That is…

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HK is no more… 2020-06-30 23:00 (GMT+8)?

“- They’ll never actually do that… because they can not afford doing that.”

However, they did do exactly that on the 30th July 2020. A cautious estimation a week in was that about 600 000 were suspected of having broken the (secret) law before it was instated.

The law will also apply to non-permanent residents and people “from outside [Hong Kong]… who are not permanent residents of Hong Kong”.

Please read the book(s) and try to remember the date. Because it is: business as per usual.

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This Is…

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This Is 3l3C7R0!

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What can I say? Since I was 13 years old. Is it a secret? Not really, I was born 1970, so that would be 1983.

Has it always been electro, I guess so, I danced and I was young. It is my/our music and it always been like that. It is special to me. Eternal and mine.

I did look for it a very long time. I searched more than a decade almost two. Why? I was not living in the right place. Then I found it… it is fanatic, it is not a good thing per se, it is what it is. Fundamental. Fundamentalism.

I was looking/searching for such a long time… close to 20 years. 3l3c7r0.

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Lost In Translation/The Really Hard Ones

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Assembly. Machine code. As close as you’ll ever get to a binary machine. Can you get closer? Maybe Fortran?

I am an analyst, not and nor will ever be a programmer… made it to the moon and back.

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