Ride Or Die!

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Horrific crash on Hamngatan, Stockholm opposite the grand NK department store.

It hurts a lot on the right side of my body (right knee, elbow and arm, hip and shoulder badly bruised). The little black bear was not a fault this time either. Misjudged the curb stone… and a subsequent hard, hard, very hard landing.

The little black one is built like a tank and did not suffer any injuries, the rider however.. is quite sore. That’s double R (RR) to you, aka Ruff Rider or simply put Ride Or Die. When the pavement comes rushing towards you in a hurry it will hurt eventually…

However, even Swedes can be surprisingly helpful at times.

– Hur gick det?
– Det är OK. Men rör inte min cykel!
– Du har ingen hjälm?

– Comment c’était?
– C’est bon. Mais ne touchez pas à mon vélo!
– Vous n’avez pas de casque?

– How did it go?
– It is OK. But do not touch my bike!
– You do not have a helmet?

– Quomodo eam?
– Bene est. Nolite tangere cursus!
– Tu non galeam spem salutis?

As stated. It’s a Google translation. If you happen to know Swedish or any other language you will suffer an acute translation illness… and I’m hurting today.

Not On The Wall VII

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Yet, more discarded artefacts. For being a Dehringer® eight (8) channel mixer and seemingly in working order (it started just fine and all the LED:s and gauges seems to be in working order). Status? as new/unused.

Ultra-flexible 8-channel Splitter/Mixer Model MX882 Dehringer® 19" rack mounted salvage from the trash. The little brother/sister is here.

The little brother/sister.

Behringer® Eurorack UB802 Ultra Low-Noise Design 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer

Missing XLR-cabels. And, yes my Icon 1 speakers are sounding as they should. After all these years. Sound/culture for you! Dier Mono-culture… Electro is eternal.

Please see: Not On The Wall.

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Maria Ängquist-Klyvare (5 april 1953 - )
"Grått i grått", 1998, Statens konstråd


When I took the photo I was standing quite close and the child didn’t appear (to me) until I looked at my phone… from afar it is visible however. Question is what’s realest?

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Are You Being Yourself?

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Pretty confident that I am being precisely that. It’s not my treat by the way. And I left it as found in situ.

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Left Behind VI

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What ever happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

Please see: Left Behind Series.

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Barren Ground

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Long Or Short Version?

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Nu/Ol’ King Of Pop

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Lesane Parish Crooks (June 16, 1971 - September 13, 1996), New York City, U.S.

And they die even younger today… that’s 24 years ago… mm, I remember it well. We never reached an agreement upon this particular matter.

The question that can never be answered: Who is the best [insert corresponding wording] alive or has lived?

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