Sound Advice

Produkten får inte drickas The product must not be drunk – a solid piece of sound advice given that the product is in fact a liquid detergent…

Gaia Is The Machine

Usually, there’re just too many words, this time around… Just watch this: Earth + Satellites + Data + Visualisation. This is why we build and send them with rockets into outer space. Gaia is the Machine God is the Principle

Foggy Road

The road is so foggy, the road is foggy, it’s so foggy, the road… fog all over… foggy road. Ref: Burning Spear – Rocking Time – Studio One – SOL 1123 – 1974 02/11/2021 09:06 GMT+1

Klarabergsgatan (Klara)

It is very close to Sergels torg in Stockholm, Sweden. * “Klara” means clear as in transparent or non-opaque, it means ready, it is a female name; as in: – Have you seen Klara? And it rhymes with Sara among other things…