Do I Lock On Past The Break?

Yes? RIP Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Russell Tyrone Jones (November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004). It was a very sad day indeed. Salute the mighty RZA. Kiss Of A Black Widow. That’s that sh*t! NYC! That would be Hip Hop for you and me.

They’re Destroying Everything (In A Good Way)

Yesterday it was 66 and now it is 86? I just got nice close shave. Push on! Max Kanding also deserves support. Tench himself just said so… – How is this: Photograph, D.Angas, M.Kanding, A.Rother, VLC and C.Finlow remotely related? They’re not really are they? To my mind they most definitely are. Text is readily… Continue reading They’re Destroying Everything (In A Good Way)

The Title Alone?

WELTMACHT DIGITAL and for the record I don’t even speak German? I have no comment. I do believe that I know the ones I call my friends and there’s no way… they’ll know who they be… I have no comment. Weltmacht Digital – Grossmachtphantasie – A.Rother – 2021 IAnd apparently I’m unfriendly? Behaving badly towards… Continue reading The Title Alone?

It Is Jaques And She Simply Doesn’t Know?

As hard as they ever come. It must be among the roughest centre label’s ever, surely? It’s as rude as it is brilliant! No joke business. Wut?! The love? It is eternal! I know… I know for a fact that the mighty A.Rother has heard/listen to Jaques Lueder… I know that he must know Cutting… Continue reading It Is Jaques And She Simply Doesn’t Know?