Is It?

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Theory/Practice II

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The Shimano CB-E110 (minus the Over Lock Nut) assembled and cleaning in good mechanical condition and salvageable.

Please see: The Mechanic for theory and reference.

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Left Behind VII

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What ever happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

Please see: Left Behind Series.

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Raw Iron

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It is “Sinterkula” an iron sphere that is a product of iron ore extraction. I found it in Norberg; 60° 5′ 0″ N, 15° 57′ 0″ E (at the Festival); it is approximately ⌀24 mm in diameter, quite heavy, it is oxidated and it is most definitely made of iron Fe26.

Sinter, geologisk och kemikalisk term för en massa som uppkommit genom att malm halvsmälts och stelnat. Sintring är en kemisk process, varvid en massa av jordart, bergart eller mineral börjar halvsmälta. Om massan är pulverformig kommer partiklarna först att bakas ihop till deg eller klump. I äldre gruvdrift blev sinterblock en biprodukt som tillvaratogs främst som byggnadsmaterial (ungefär på samma sätt som tegelstenar). I modern drift används sintring för att framställa en bekvämt hanterbar mellanform ur malmen. Sinterkulor är den form som föredras när man transporterar den halvförädlade malmen till slutförädling.

Ref. Wikipedia


2. the product of a sintering process

Ref. Collins Dictionary.

Sintering is when the density of a material is increased by melting which forms bridges between particles.

Ref. Collins Dictionary.

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Failure By Design

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Q: Two of the items* are identical (material composition is slightly different).

One of them was bought last week and the other two are at least 20 years old.

Can you guess which one is which?

The suspense is mounting! Do send your answer to: nfo AT and you will get a reply/A: (bonus if you can name the number of the item from the schematic).

But what about: “Failure by design”? Well, look at the picture. Could it be a matter of choice of material, possibly? The only failed part out 19 precision tooled parts and a ball bearing at that?

There are a lot of very talented people working/doing just that (one is to many).

Please see: Theory/Practice, The Mechanic** and Failure.

* They’re ball bearings and they make things run smoothly when properly lubricated, balanced and made of the right material. The can last for an eternity or not… if they’re designed to fail. Ensemble will be re-assembled. As promised.

** And by pure coincidence it happens to be the title of an Anthony Rother track that I really like not (that are any that I don’t like, but for the sake of the argument). And I can assure that it pure coincidence.

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Lost In The Moment

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What can I say? That is the spirit, that is the demeanour you should have, always? Just like that; hand-in-hand; as it were. Having lots of fun!

Come on! Then you somehow forget? Everyone seem to forget what is right/important? The title says it all and it sums up my life… You can run, but You can’t hide… ever, never, ever… Ras! …like in Rasta?; not to be confused with the other disastrous misconception.

I’m just trying to be clear…

And JD once told me… – There are one or two things that I would change. But, it really doesn’t need a hand. I don’t have time and you don’t have any money? If I change something now (with the production) then it will become my take/song/release? That is not what mastering is about. Just leave it as it is (Flannel Poet). It is ready for press…

– OK. Thank you! I will tell Ludo. The talent and respect? I’m truly speechless and humbled. Electronic Desert. Right about here. That would be: JL & Bell 03 to you.

The man (Ludo) is nothing short of being a genius. – Show me some love/suga’. Get’s a hug?! (Too my little sister none-the-less. Did it make an impression? Your guess…). Pure genius. Da doctor L. Elblaus.

One of my friends.

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You Were Sleeping?

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Yes, that is correct, I was… at 03:15! In the past tense resting in peace. Can you please leave me alone…

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Lilla berget… The Little Mountain as in Fuji… that would be post: 1222 to you. Forced to build a new one (bike).

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Dom + Roland

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And “Delta” is even better than “Hunter”… I just don’t know what to do with myself. Exact. And I’m supposed to be a grown up person/individual? The track is impossible and I am lost for words. It is… relentless. I can not describe it. The love. I’m broken for real now.

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