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Is As Good As It Looks?

Yes, it is; excellent, the food is excellent and the staff is super-friendly.

It is: International, spicy, the music is nice and the whole thing simply oozes overall goodness.

It is highly recommended, it is to be found in both Skanstull and Hornstull, obviously, that does not make things less appealing or tasty for that matter.

Ringvägen 123
08-408 111 69

Måndag – Fredag: 11:00 – 20:00
Lördag: 11:30 – 18:00
Söndag: stängt

The Girl With The AFX Tattoo I

In all honesty? I do not actually know what to write, say or even think.

I did meet her though, and that I do know – as well as the fact that I think I’m in love.

In short I’m in trouble, again…

Colors Of Salt I

Sinkholes in the Dead Sea. They’re rapidly increasing in number due to accelerated evaporation.

Nestled between Israel and the Palestinian territories to the west, and Jordan to the east, the Dead Sea is famous for is extreme salinity (34 percent salt, almost 10 times as salty as the ocean), and for having the lowest elevation on Earth, at 1,407 feet (429 meters) below sea level.

But for the past few decades, the sea has been shrinking rapidly, due to the diversion of water from the Jordan River (which feeds the Dead Sea) and mineral mining from its waters in the south.

Picture: BBC

More Words

Somliga saker kan vi bestämma över, andra inte.

Vi bestämmer över våra åsikter och vår inställning, vårt begär och vår motvilja – med andra ord allt sådant som vi gör själva.

Men kroppen bestämmer vi inte över, inte våra ägodelar heller, vårt anseende och vår ställning – kort sagt sådant som vi inte gör själva.

Det vi bestämmer över är till sin natur fritt, okuvat, obundet, medan det vi inte bestämmer över är svagt, fängslat och hämmat.

Det är inte vårt.

Handbok i livets konst, Epiktetos
ISBN 9177421779
Orginalets titel: Eγχειρίδιο [Encheiridion], “Handbok”
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