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17:08 19012020

January 19th, 2020 Comments off

Natural light or the lack thereof. This is Scandinavia.

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Trying To Escape

January 19th, 2020 Comments off

No Hope, No Dreams, No Love, My Only Escape Is Underground.

"Somewhere in Detroit."

@Underground Resistance

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D’où Je Viens XX

January 18th, 2020 Comments off

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Put It Out!

January 15th, 2020 Comments off

Brandfilt = Fire blanket.

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D’où Je Viens XIX

January 15th, 2020 Comments off

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Hampus Hyppe, Hyppe (Purple) [Self-released, 2019]

January 11th, 2020 Comments off

The Happy (Purple) EP may not be unique sound wise; the guitar, bass, saxophone and echoes have been heard before and they are not revolutionary in that sense (I’m thinking of labels like; City Centre Offices or Morr Music).

Yet, that’s absolutely not true at all! Because all artistic ventures are by definition just that, unique. The thing that stand out in this release: the somewhat rough production, vocals and as always the nowadays numerous references.

Being a scholar? I do need to make a special comment regarding the fifth song on the Happy (Purple) EP: Positiv (Filosofi)*. I mean, having studied the subject?

I suspect that the reference is an other all together than those concerning the problems with verifiability . In any event it’s a great track (with some audible Cornelis influences). And that goes for the rest of the album.

It is contemporary singer-song writer electronically enhanced endeavour. It is definitely listenable, especially Stay and it’s an EP with a very personal touch.

* “…the radical positivist line that science is the basis of knowledge; that it is empirical; and that non-empirical enterprises are either logic or nonsense.”

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D’où Je Viens XVIII

January 11th, 2020 Comments off

The sky.

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D’où Je Viens XVII

January 9th, 2020 Comments off

I am actually in one of these pictures, believe or not…

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Even Tapes

January 4th, 2020 Comments off

And now it is over. I was forced to sell my double-deck?

Then I found this sweet Sony CFD-S50 CD/Tape-deck in the trash? Perfect for the beach and I got a cassette by: Lootpack, that I’ve wanted to play for a long time. And how I can.

The challenge is on. One-to-one. Playing? I’ll hold my ground. That’s a promise.


January 4th, 2020 Comments off

This is low-level programming, energy efficiency, geometry and Darwin.

People (humans) always seem take the shortest route. The gain in this particular location? It must be less than 2 metric meters (I probably could, if I remembered it correctly – use Pythagoras to calculate the distance more precisely)?

– What on Earth are you talking about?

Please pay attention to the non-existing grass, the cone in the back of the picture and where the pavement is actually located, never mind the many objects (cigarette stubs) in the front left corner of the picture.

It is humanity. Funny. And it is in fact the shorter route according to Pythagoras…

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