The Doctor

Doc Scott. I’ve meet him. I’ve talked to him. Responsible. Music. UK impossibility. 31? London.

Did you actually? Yes I did. Street Knowledge, Drumz 95^ and Shadow Boxing? What can I say? Today is the day. If you ever… believed and/or unconditionally leaned against the 10″ stack (I should have lost my hearing that night. Goldie played the last song at 05:00 and I had waited all day long… on a hot summer’s day.

I knew that he would play it (I did request it and I had listened to it, it was not mine though). I just had to wait. Why? Because that is culture!

By all accounts I should be def (I’m not by the way, I have pore eyesight…). Magic. If you ever felt alive, if yon ever wet to the rave, if you ever went all in, if you ever put on the dance, if you ever been stupid, if you ever started wondering what will happen in the future?

What will happen (when the years gather)? Will my peps, my people, my boys be there? When I need them?

Shadow Boxing.

You would know…