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Never Again!

January 30th, 2020

You will never request this track again!

You will never ask anybody, no matter who it is, again. Ever! Do you understand me?

You will never, ever ask, request, imply, suggest or in any other conceivable way hint or make any reference what so ever to this track. Ever again!

You will never refer to this track. Am I being clear? Never. No! Not, ever again, never again! Ever…

– Här är den j**la tolvan!

That would be Electrolux 001, mm the first release is always special! And there’s another one… Danny Breaks. It is in the collection, but you need to find it.

It is Droppin’ Science 13 or 26? That will not help you. I’m fetching my phone, disregarded in the bar. And in fact it is 15 I’m looking for.

I haven’t… it is one of my absolute favourite tracks, and 12″, why? Because it is sublime Electro.

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