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More Original Quotes

– 93′ innit’? – Where ever you was raving in 93′! – And if you was to young for raving, big up anyway! – And if you weren’t even born, big up anyway! – You are talkin’ about things I haven’t even done yet! – Ohh!?, this’s goodness bit/business…* – What day is it today?… Continue reading More Original Quotes

Four Original Quotes

1st – Heter the Smurf eller Snurf? Unknown, May 2020 A young girl on bike asking her friend (the obvious authority); a perfectly legitimate, relevant and pertinent question. Is it Smurf or Snurf? I’m thinking that an inverted Smurf is a Snurf.   2nd – We’re getting there! Uncle Dugs, Apr 2020 Uncle Dugs from… Continue reading Four Original Quotes

Two Original Quotes

  1st – Death by fika… Mark Jefford-Baker, Nov 2019 2nd – Jag litar inte på mina fickor längre…* Known, but anonymous, Nov 2019 * “I don’t trust my pant pockets anymore.”

The Haddock Dictionary

An unofficial SoSo Perspective parley. It contains vast amounts of foul language (swearing) so paranatal guidance is definitely recommended. Tintin never swear, smoke or drink. Tintin does not have a girlfriend or have… Tintin does not hug or kiss anybody ever… C’est Tintin! It is work in progress; here goes… ============================================ ============================================ Ajee! All bets… Continue reading The Haddock Dictionary

You Must Support!

Because, it is the only thing to do. We Are Viable. I can’t… express the emotions, so many sounds and to much history (not really, you can never have much history). Before, before, before… and 1990 seems like yesterday?! Uncle Dugs on the one only: rinse.fm. Directing the thing like a crazed librarian. Would be… Continue reading You Must Support!


[Picture was pending 2017-10-31 and added 2017-11-02. NB: This text is based on an actual job application.]. Since everyone seem obsessed with quotes and allegations these days? Given that this is the first page of Riksteaterns press page. I may on own accord have made an error of judgement here? Maybe it has nothing to… Continue reading Riksteatern