This is low-level programming, energy efficiency, geometry and Darwin. People (humans) always seem take the shortest route. The gain in this particular location? It must be less than 2 metric meters (I probably could, if I remembered it correctly – use Pythagoras to calculate the distance more precisely)? – What on Earth are you talking… Continue reading Darwin

Mitt Jordfel Är Roligare Or Zero Is Ground

…än alla jag tidigare har känt. Det är bedrövligt. In short? Electrical issues, I have a grounding problem, it is intermittent but as long as it does not interfere with my listening I really don’t care. it is just there… in the background. “Fel” means “error” and “jordfel” means ground error, electrically. So what? Well… Continue reading Mitt Jordfel Är Roligare Or Zero Is Ground

My Name Is

.-. . … ..- .-. ..-. .- -.-. . .-.-.- … . Unless you are in some kind of specialized military branch or sea farer from the past (which I am not) you probably need a Translator of some sort to decode it? I know I do…

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37 °C + Hands

The title is a reference to temperature*. The previous post was about temperatures and the periodic table that was constructed by several people but is largely attributed to the Russian chemist: Дмитрий Иванович Менделеев, Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834 – 1907). How can this be remotely related? Well, you will need to read the previous post:… Continue reading 37 °C + Hands

1052 °C

1052 Centigrade? Using mirrors, computers and solar energy only? That’s impressive and that’s enough to melt most things we use and know of in the table (periodic): Aluminium (Al)13 melts at 660,33 °C and Copper (Cu)29 at 1085,00 °C. Lead (Pb)82 melts at: 327.5°C and in between them you’ve got; Tin (Sn)50, Magnesium (Mg)12 and… Continue reading 1052 °C


This is resurface.se …

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