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1052 °C

January 2nd, 2020

1052 Centigrade? Using mirrors, computers and solar energy only? That’s impressive and that’s enough to melt most things we use and know of in the table (periodic):

Aluminium (Al)13 melts at 660,33 °C and Copper (Cu)29 at 1085,00 °C.

Lead (Pb)82 melts at: 327.5°C and in between them you’ve got; Tin (Sn)50, Magnesium (Mg)12 and Zink (Zn)30.

The only thing that is really missing is: Iron (Fe)26, unfortunately, it melts at 1538 °C and we use iron to make Steel*. The temperature reached is not that far away…

Aluminium goes a far, far way it just not as strong. yet it is in fact one of the most common solid elements on earth (the seas are made up of Hydrogen** (H)1 and Oxygen (O)8, that would be H2O, Combined they make up for quite a bit, if not most of Tellus more than 75%.

* Steel is an alloy, it is a combination of different elements from the periodic table. Steel is not an element.

** It is regarded as the simplest and most common known element in our universe.

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