Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud

“[La vie c’est une…] modification perpétuelle.” Jeanne Moreau, (1928–2017) “Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud” (Elevator to the Gallows, 1958) is the title of French film director Louis Malle’s debut and it stars the quintessentially French actress Jeanne Moreau. She was or is the very definition of what it means to be refined, dignified and civilised. Even though… Continue reading Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud

Collectors And Originals

”Collecting” is an interesting (it seems interesting to me anyhow) concept, because it may be the last black-and-white realm that still exists in our World? Not plauged by ”maybes”, ”I percive it in that way” or my own personal favorite; the deconstructive backlash: ”everything is relative…”. Well, no that is not the case and once… Continue reading Collectors And Originals


I never read and listen to music at the same time. Never. And I am not breaking that rule at this moment by the way. Why? Is it predicable? Of course it is and you are not, right? Ha ha. But, have you really looked (listened) at the World recently? It is all a part… Continue reading Normally?

If You Have Ever Wondered…

What is the big deal? Why should I (self-proclaimed master of the Universe) be concerned? Why should I be involved or take part in an obscure musical genre that happened to become global? Well, I will tell you. This and this reason alone is sufficient. The breaks. Once again it is the mighty Seba. “Stasis”… Continue reading If You Have Ever Wondered…

Music Festival: SoS 2011

This week the 18th – 23rd October 2011 you have the possibility to visit the Sound of Stockholm festival in Sweden. “Sound of Stockholm is a new festival for improvised, new and experimental art music. The festival takes place a week each autumn. It is artist-driven and organised through a collaboration between 9 independent presenting… Continue reading Music Festival: SoS 2011

Live Concert + Art Exhibition : The Schematics

This Thursday, 28-04-2011 you can once again explore the sonic world of ‘The Schematics’. They will be performing live at: Galleri Andersson / Sandström (GAS) in Stockholm, using the installation of German artist Wilhelm Mundt’s ‘Trashstones’ as a framework for their improvisation. The quartet consists of: Katt Hernandez (Violin), Ludvig Elblaus (Supercollider), Daniel Karlsson (Guitar)… Continue reading Live Concert + Art Exhibition : The Schematics