I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

The man is pure music. He is a regular man. But, of the undercover kind. Defining, “deep house” or possibly the creator of the whole thing alongside the crazy French guy (that turned out to be Swizz and that is not the same thing… belive you me.) and some others. The 1999 album “Stockholm”. It… Continue reading I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

There Is An Idea Behind The Name

I just want to clarify this. If your are indeed reading this. Firstly, French or English are not my maternal languages. The only language that I actually claim to control is Swedish. Did I suspect or am I preprepared to live/function/understand a World where everyone seems to have God complex? The answer is no. Could… Continue reading There Is An Idea Behind The Name

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The Happening (2008)

…is happening right now. “The Village (2004)” and “Lady in the Water (2006)”! by the one and only M. Night Shyamalan. Picture: “Lady in the Water”.

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When You Know That You Are Indeed Watching The BBC

A Nile Rodgers* interview on HARDtalk. That is brilliant journalism. Being well-informed and asking relevant questions. And maybe most importantly letting the context of discussion have its place. What is the most important factor a candid discussion? well, it is time. A question will always be shorter than the answer… * Nile Rodgers. It is… Continue reading When You Know That You Are Indeed Watching The BBC

Just Do It?

It happens to be one of my favorites EP’s of all times. What? Mm, it contains one of my favoruite tracks of all time… You could have asked me. Wow, is it really an Ae track? Mm. That or Doc Scott or Coltrane then again you don’t care? The thing is that I don’t know.… Continue reading Just Do It?

Like A Revengeful Ghost

Move like a ghost. “Samurai Showdown”? The ******* Wu? RZA? What else is there to say or add? “… like a revengeful ghost and shows great determination tough his head is cut off he should not die.” Ghost Dog – The way of the samurai (the motion picture and sound track). Oh my.