Flowers + Fire

+ 300°C. © AMKK(東 信、花樹研究所)

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Again!? Dolor

There is something very, very special about this track… (actually is the whole album) and it is exciting. Dolor ‎– Metropoles – Gun City – Not On Label (Dolor (3) Self-released) ‎– none – 2016. It is still unreleased? Or is it? Different. But, that’s just because Funcken played it? Well, it doesn’t really work… Continue reading Again!? Dolor

The Happening (2008)

…is happening right now. “The Village (2004)” and “Lady in the Water (2006)”! by the one and only M. Night Shyamalan. Picture: “Lady in the Water”.

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Happy New Year! This is …

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