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Japan Granted 28 People Asylum Last Year?

October 25th, 2017

What do you mean by that? Well, nothing specific really more than the distribution seems skewed and that homogeneity may play a part in social stability.

Japan had a population of 127 000 000 and 28 (twentyeight) people were granted asylum in Japan in 2016.

Sweden had a population of 9 903 000 and granted 67258 (sixtyseventwohundredeight) people asylum the very same year.

As always one should proceed with caution when dealing with statistics.

No. of asylum seekers: 10901/111979
No. poeple granted asylum: 28/67258
App. population (in Millions): 127’/9,9′

The fact that Japan in contrast to Sweden is an island and lies in the opposit direction of the “inferno” does not in my view account for the complete picture. Mind you, I can to think of more than one country in my beloved Evropa that would have to answer some questions too… but they need indeed be asked the questions before it is reasonable to expect any answers.


2016 SE


Maybe it is time to look at the causes behind migration? It’s just a thought.

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